Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Truth.Best?

Truth.Best is an honest and reliable review service. It is created by a team of mobile software experts who know how to recognize the excellent cell phone monitoring tool. Our team works hard to deliver an unbiased opinion on every mobile phone tracking app and tell users about the newest applications available on the internet.

What is Truth.Best rating?

We selected five choosing criteria, which help us evaluate each mobile phone monitoring app. These criteria are:

  • Quality vs. cost
  • User-friendly interface
  • Functionality
  • Compatibility
  • Customer care team

We consider these five points when discovering how the software works and what can it offer their target audience. Then we rate each monitoring app according to the criteria. The higher is the rating, the more effective the software is.

What are Truth.Best reviews?

Our reviews are the results of a thorough evaluation process. They contain general information on the monitoring app, a detailed description of the usability and features it offers, the legal background of the app use and our team recommendations.

How Truth.Best works?

Truth.Best team performs testing of each monitoring app presented on the market. We create the account on the website of each app and check how it serves the mobile phone monitoring purpose. Also, we collect users’ testimonials and reflect them in our reviews.