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  1. How Does Android Parental Control Work?
  2. How To Set Up Parental Controls On Android?
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Modern parents are concerned about how their kids interact with the digital world. Be it a dangerous mobile game or uncontrolled purchase, kids often don’t acknowledge the consequences of their choices. Supervision of kid’s device use can help prevent many risks related to internet dangers. That’s why parental control tool is a must for all parents.

Android developers have already taken some measures to protect their underage users. Learn how to use Android parental control to ensure your child’s security and safety.

How Does Android Parental Control Work?

Google Play parental controls protect all Android devices. You need to add the controls to the Android mobile phone you want to work them on. You can also customize the parental controls settings for each person who uses the device.

Parental controls work differently in Apps&Games, Music, Movies, TV, and Books. In Apps&Games, Movies, and TV you can select the highest content rating for the apps, the child wants to download, movies and TV shows they wish to purchase or playback. Access also will be restricted to books and music that contain explicit content.

Google Play parental controls may prevent your child from installing some games. But the controls don’t change or hide games on Play Store.

How To Set Up Parental Controls On Android?

Go to the Play Store app on the Android device. Tap Menu, then choose Settings and move to Parental controls. Turn the parental controls on. You need to create a PIN to prevent anyone from modifying your parental control settings. Your last step will be choosing the type of content to be filtered.

What Is The Best Free Parental Control App For Android?

As you see, Google Play parental controls are limited only to some Google services. Parents can’t supervise mobile phone activity of their kids as well as track their location. To manage your child’s device usage better, one needs a powerful parental control app.

Majority of parents search for free parental control software. Unfortunately, there is no effective solution absolutely for no money. Almost every product has subscription fee you need to pay to start using parental control tool.

If you don’t want to overpay and choose useless parental control software, look through our reviews to find out the best app for you.