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From one side, the Internet is considered as a powerful source of information and knowledge and but at the same time there is a great amount of unfiltered content which may be harmful for kids. As a parent, you might tear between giving your kids freedom of actions and protecting them from toxic environment.

Luckily, Apple offers built-in parental controls that help to adjust settings to:

  • Purchases on iTunes and App Store, so they will not be able to download anything without your permission;
  • Social media account to protect their privacy;
  • Internet access and apps usage;

Let’s consider in more detail what restrictions Apple offer to protect your kid’s iPhone, iPad or iPods.

Built-in Apple Parental Controls

Currently, Apple offer six parental controls to help parents to protect their kid’s privacy and minimize explicit content. Apple labels their parental controls as Restrictions. Here are the things you can restrict:

  1. Apps & Features – You can block Safari, Camera, FaceTime, Siri & Dictation, and AirDrop. All of mentioned features are allowed by default; just swipe right on any of them to block.
  2. Purchases, Installation, Downloads – You can prevent your kid from purchasing, downloading and installing apps and other content from iBooks, iTunes, App Store, etc.
  3. Filters and Content Ratings – You can set filters and ratings for the following types of content: Apps, TV shows, Movies.
  4. Privacy – You can set restrictions for Location Services, Contacts, Reminders, Photos, Bluetooth Sharing, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  5. Changes – Lets you prevent your kids from making any changes on their iDevices.
  6. Game Center – You can decide whether your kid can participate in multiplayer games and whether they allowed to add their friend to the Game Center.

Here is how to enable them:

Settings > General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions.
After, you need to enter a four-digit passcode to keep your kids from changing the restrictions you set up.

Apple Restrictions is the best parental control app for iPhones available for free. It has all needed features for keeping your kids safe, protecting their privacy and your money. So, take a few minutes to enable Apple Restrictions. It will give you peace of mind that your kids do not access age-inappropriate or violent content or make impulse purchases.