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Do you always worry about losing your iPhone? Dropping it off somewhere? Alternatively, maybe fear that you may get robbed off of it? If so then grab your iPhones right now and download free iPhone tracking apps.  

These apps help you locate your iPhones in case it gets missing or stolen. You can also use these apps for spying and tracking. There is a vast variety of iPhone tracking apps all over the internet. It is difficult for a user to pick one. At times when you find the most suitable one for you, you realize that you cannot afford it. But not anymore. In this blog post, you will find a list of best free iPhone tracking apps of 2024.

How to use free iPhone tracking apps?

Googling the best free iPhone tracking apps can prove to be overwhelming. It is possible that it exposes you to a significant number of options on your screen. You may believe that you need a tech expert of a friend to help you learn about the usage. However, that is not the case.

These apps are user-friendly and highly interactive and comfortable to use. They come with easy installations. You are then guided step by step about all the features of the app. With every step, you get the hang of things and ultimately deduce that using the app is extremely easy. Free iPhone tracking apps come with three-step installation after which you get to enjoy all the features as promised.

Why do you need free iPhone tracking apps?

You may be wondering as to why do you need free iPhone tracking apps? Like many others, you may judge the quality by the price. Moreover, so, you may believe that free apps won’t do you any good. However, if we look at the market now, you are wrong. The below mentioned free iPhone tracking apps are highly rated and recommended.

As discussed before, these apps not only help to locate your iPhone in case it gets missing but also for spying. They enable you to locate your loved ones at any time. Most of them operate as hidden apps, and so the other person never detects their existence. They secretly work in the background.

Some of these apps help you to locate your phone, your car, and even your family members as well. You get alerts and notifications on your phone even if you are not near them. These apps can also be used for business purposes as well. They can help companies to track their valued vehicles and employees to ensure their safety. Tracking apps on phones are still found to be useful.

Overview of the best free iPhone tracking apps

Here is a list of some of the best free iPhone tracking apps of 2024 in the market today:

  • Find My iPhone: This app is a built-in application given to its users by Apple itself. It is free and straightforward to use. You can install this app not only on your iPhone but on your iPads and iPods as well. This app lets you locate, lock and erase all data from your device in case it gets lost. One of its features includes a ‘Lost Mode’ through which you can secure your iPhone with a password. It is nearly impossible to operate an iPhone without knowing its passcode. So, in this way you know that your iPhone will not be misused. Locking a phone and then being able to trace it through either trackers or IMEI numbers is easy.
  • Glympse: is one of the best free iPhone tracking apps. It is not only free, but it is fast as well. It wastes no time and generates results within seconds. You can install this app on your iPhone and your friend’s phones as well. This way you are enabled to share each other’s location at any time.
  • Phone Tracker for iPhone: Phone Tracker for iPhone is another fantastic app. The main usage of this app is for spying. It can be used to spy on your loved ones without them having any knowledge of it.
  • Find my Friends: Find my Friends is another app officially designed by Apple itself. It is only available for iPhone and iOS devices. It is famous for providing a precise and real-time location. Intended initially to reveal the location of your closest friends, this app has found more use.
  • FamiSafe Location Tracking: This app is unique since it provides geo-fencing features. It is compatible with all iOS and Android devices. This app features plenty of monitoring features and real-time tracking. This app doesn’t require you to have a jailbreak or root on your gadget.

Conclusion: You may have now learned how easy it is to track your iPhone. It is certainly not as tricky as unlocking an iPhone or jailbreaking one. Modern technology, e.g. these free iPhone tracking apps have made it easier to ensure the safety of your iPhone. If you are a concerned user, parent, spouse, or partner, you will find thee apps very useful.