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  1. How Free Phone Tracker Apps Work
  2. Top Free Phone Tracker Apps You Need
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Being worried about phones is exhausting, especially when you hand your kid one. Countless things can go wrong with a cellphone. It doesn’t just get lost; it can lead to a series of problems. A lot of concerned parents and siblings have experienced the stresses of getting another phone. You just have to keep watch over it. If it’s not getting lost all the time, you always wonder what’s going on, on that phone. There are solutions to your problems, and they are known as free phone tracker apps. That’s what you need to do everything you feel like doing to a nearby device.

How Free Phone Tracker Apps Work

To put it simply, these apps can do anything you want them to. Ranging from features like location tracking and keylogging, you can even mirror the screen of the target phone. In fact, these apps are so advanced that they even allow you to access the microphone or the camera of the device. Since location tracking isn’t that big of a deal, developers thought to provide extensive features. Moreover, you can have all these features for free! This is a detailed process of how it works.

You just install the app on the target phone. Take a browser from another device and log into the app’s online dashboard available on their site. Enter your credentials, and you’ll be logged into the target device. From there, you can choose to view anything you like. You can choose to get into the phone logs of the device or the text messages that are on it. In fact, if you’re using the right app with the correct root or jailbreak access, you can even check WhatsApp. Third party apps like Facebook, Snapchat and WhatsApp, are easy to track but only if the device is rooted.

For standard tracking needs like checking the location of the target device, you need to install the app. Then, if you feel like securing it, hide it from the menu and it’ll disappear from the device. This means that the user of the target device will have no clue about the device being monitored. With anonymity, you can choose to view or manipulate histories and logs of the device. Internet browsing history, call records, text messages, media files in the galleries are all available for the show.

Top Free Phone Tracker Apps You Need

Although the competition is starting to get saturated, there are selective apps that you should definitely look into. These apps are going to cater to all your tracking needs. You can track the GPS location of the target device. You can even have a sim tracking app installed if you can’t get the location through the device’s GPS. Some GPS tracking apps require an internet connection and the device to be online. However, Sim trackers don’t require a connection. They just need the sim to be in the device. Once it’s switched on, you will be getting notification alerts when the phone gets in or out of designated areas. However, since that’s extensive and somewhat expensive, let’s stick to the top free phone tracker apps you should get.

  • Spyzie: This app is getting the most feedback on the list of free phone tracker apps. The app provides every extensive feature you can think of. Of course, the paid versions of the app that give you all the accessibility we mentioned above. However, you can choose the free phone tracker version of the app which is comfortable, reliable, also, easy to use. Many parents have praised the developers of the app for making parenting easier. Many couples have sorted their lives out using Spyzie, opening issues of the trust until the very end.
  • Sygic: is another free phone tracker app. Although not as extensive, it still manages to provide you all the essential spying elements you need. You can track the target device whenever you want, and the location will be accurate to a hundred meters. The most significant part about this app is that it is compatible with both platforms. That means that your Android devices are as safe as your iOS devices.
  • Google Maps: Google is providing its users with a list of exceptional abilities. One of them includes being able to track their phones from anywhere in the world. Google Maps, conveniently, is a tracking app itself that can be used to track your device.

Free phone tracker apps are available all around the market. The problem is figuring out the extent of accessibility you need. Because you don’t want to pay for something that you won’t be using. So, please take a look at the details of every app and compare it to your needs. Security is a significant concern, but when you’re in charge of security, it’s easy to get carried away. Don’t become a sucker for power, because these apps can get you hooked on spying. Stay safe and keep your dear ones secure.