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Natural disasters are unseen and can strike at any time. You can’t do anything about earthquakes, but in case of storms, cyclones, hurricanes, and tornados you can at least get time to evacuate the area and get ready to face the upcoming calamity. However, with the advancement in technology, our lives have become quite easy because now we can gather all the information we require just on our smartphones.

Smartphones have made it very easy and convenient for us to keep ourselves updated on the ongoing and upcoming natural disasters like storms, cyclones, hurricanes, etc. For this purpose, numerous hurricane tracker apps can help to keep you updated about the upcoming weather conditions in your area. In addition, these hurricane tracker apps also provide you with Intel on the nearest shelters and refugee centers.

Hurricane tracker apps: a necessity

You may be wondering why to install any hurricane tracker apps when you can know about the weather from regular weather apps. This may work if you live in some area with typical climate. However, if you live in the area which was previously hit by a hurricane, then there are chances that it will come again so, to ensure the safety of your loved ones installing any app from the hurricane tracker apps is essential.

Hurricane tracker apps are crucial for keeping a track on the upcoming hurricanes. Hurricane tracker apps enable you to monitor the live weather forecast for any future hurricane alerts. Moreover, with hurricane tracker apps, you can not only keep track of the forthcoming hurricane forecasts but then again it similarly keeps you updated on the nearby local evacuation zones and shelters where you can take asylum in case of a hurricane and along with an updated list of emergency numbers. By installing any of the hurricane tracker apps, you can take precautionary measures to assure the safety of your dear ones.

According to a research conducted it was shown that warning issued through storm tracker apps helped in saving many lives.

Features of Hurricane tracker apps

You should check these features before installing any of the hurricane tracker apps.

  • It should show a detailed map of the affected areas with storm tracks.
  • Should provide push notifications in case of an approaching hurricane.
  • Must have real-time feeds that get updated frequently.
  • Show a list of nearby shelters and open stores.
  • Display the area that needs to be evacuated.
  • It should have detailed radar maps with storm tracks and also provide an overall satellite view of the area.
  • It should have Audio/video forecast updates with warning information.

Some of the best Hurricane Tracker Apps

From the reviews gathered after the previous hurricanes that hit several parts of the U.S. These are some of the hurricane tracker apps that were recommended by the majority of people.

Hurricane by American Red Cross

It is a hurricane tracking app that not only keeps you updated on the ongoing and upcoming weather conditions but also keeps track of your loved ones. It can monitor the location of anyone from your contacts and keep you updated on their current condition. It also displays and highlights every Red Cross shelter located in your surroundings. You can access the hurricane preparedness information even without an internet connection.

In addition, it also shows the areas where the storm is most likely to hit and also shows the forecasted time of the storm’s arrival. Moreover, it comes with a built-in flashlight, strobe light, and alarm siren. Moreover, it can notify your location to your family and friends via texts, messages, or emails that you are safe from storm using its ‘I’m Safe’ feature. It has both English and Spanish language options.

Storm Radar

This hurricane tracking app is from The Weather Channel services. This app is so incredibly designed that it can pinpoint the exact location and time that when and where the storm will hit. It has an interface which is covered with multiple map overlays that can show different features like temperature, cloud cover, hurricanes, storm tracks, etc. simultaneously. The map is animated for a duration of 2 hours in the past and many hours in the future to give a true picture of the upcoming weather conditions. If you don’t have access to a smartphone, you can still view the hurricane updates on their web app. It is supported with both Android and iOS and comes free with advertisements, but if you pay 1$/month, it can be removed.

NOAA Weather Radar

This hurricane tracker app enables you to track multiple locations at the same time. This feature makes NOAA an ideal app to use while traveling as it shows the week-long weather forecasts of those locations. You can also use it offline because it keeps the recent data stored in it so, in case you are out of internet coverage you can still view the recently updated maps. It can overlay rain data, radar data and satellite images over the hurricane tracker which makes it easy to comprehend what’s going to happen during the storm. It works on both iOS and Android, but you have to purchase it.

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