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  1. Which types of symbiotic relationships exist between animals
  2. Seven different types of relationships between people
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Every person needs close relationships. Which types of relationships they need it depends on their psychology. Close people play a very important role in our life. We can discuss all our problems with them. Animals also have relationships with each other. Let’s consider which types of relationships animal have between each other.

Which types of symbiotic relationships exist between animals

There are three types of symbiotic relationships between animals:

  • Mutualism: both participants of the relationships get benefit from them;
  • Commensalism: this type of relationship are built on partnership, where one partner gets a benefit and another one gets neither help nor harm;
  • Parasitism: this type of relationship is built on the partnership where one partner gets a benefit, and another one suffers from this interaction.

Seven different types of relationships between people

Currently, there are several types of relationships among people. Each of them has its benefits and is suitable for different psychological types of people. Let’s consider each of them in details.

1. Monogamous Relationships

This type of relationships is one of the most traditional types of relationships that is suitable for people who prefer to have one sexual partner for a long period of time. It excludes a possibility to have more than one partner. Monogamous relationships include also a deep emotional and psychological connection between partners. Usually, monogamous relationships end with a marriage.

2. Polyamorous Relationships

Among other types of relationships, psychologists emphasize polyamorous relationships. They are suitable for people who want to have several sexual partners at the same time. In addition, those who enter into polyamorous relationships can have a primary partner, a secondary partner, and so on. These “rankings” can change in terms of their needs. Other people who enter these types of relationships have equal partners without providing them with different privileges. If you want to build strong polyamorous relationships, you need to be honest. In this case, partners can develop effective communication without issues and making somebody suffer.

3. Long-Distance Relationships

This type of love relationships can appear only when people have feelings to each other and live in different cities or countries. Some people who practice this type of relationships can have other partners while being far from each other.

4. Open Relationships

Open relationships combine different types of relationships, including monogamous and polyamorous. People who practice this type of relationship can also have several sexual partners, but have emotional intimacy only with one partner.

5. Casual Sex Relationships

When you have this type of relationships, you have sex on a regular basis with a partner. While practicing casual sex relationships, you also can have other sexual and emotional partners, if you want. This type of relationships can also be exclusive. Exclusive casual sex relationships resemble monogamous relationships without emotional intimacy.

6. Asexual Relationships

People who don’t enter sexual relationships are named asexuals. However, they need emotional and romantic intimacy. Sometimes people who want to build asexual romantic relationships, meet sexual partners. In this case, two partners can engage in sex occasionally or replace sex with pseudosexual behavior, including cuddling, petting, and other types of physical intimacy.

7. ‘Friends With Benefits’ Relationships

This type of relationship occurs between two friends when they feel the mutual sexual attraction between each other. They resemble casual sex relationships but differs from them with platonic feelings to each other. This type of relationship usually ends, when one participant of the couple starts going out with somebody else.

Now, you know which types of relationships can exist between people and can choose one of them that satisfies you completely.