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  1. What Is Covenant Eyes App?
  2. How Does Covenant Eyes Work?
  3. How To Install The Covenant Eyes App?
  4. Is It Legal To Use Covenant Eyes?
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Among all other harmful risks of internet use, the parents are most concerned about early porn exposure. We all want to keep our children away from adult content for as long as possible. But children can stumble upon pornography, even if you block all the adult-oriented websites.

Although, the Covenant Eyes app developers think differently. They believe there is a way to protect your beloved ones from exposure to adult-content and prevent porn addiction. They even designed an app to help people control online activity. Then there is the question: is Covenant Eyes app helpful?

Read the Covenant eyes review to find out how it works and whether it really helps in the fight against inappropriate content.

What Is Covenant Eyes App?

Covenant Eyes is the software created for controlling the online activity on someone’s device. The Covenant Eyes works as internet filter. It detects the inappropriate content and limits the access to adult-oriented websites.

Covenant Eyes is compatible with Windows and Mac computers, iOS and Android devices. To start using the Covenant Eyes you need to choose your Accountability Partner. The Accountability Partner is someone who will receive your Internet Accountability Reports. It can be your friend, partner or any person you trust.

While Covenant Eyes app tracks the activity on your device, the Accountability Partner will discuss the details of your report and help you to control the addiction.

How Does Covenant Eyes Work?

Before choosing your Accountability Partner, you need to sign up for the app. Your next step will be setting up the Covenant Eyes app on the devices you use the most. Covenant Eyes can run on multiple devices simultaneously.

After setup is complete, you will need to choose your Accountability Partner. For this, invite someone to be your partner from your Covenant Eyes account. Add your partner’s e-mail address and wait till invitation is accepted.

Next, you should set the sensitivity level of your report. From your profile, go to Reports Settings to define the level. There are four sensitivity levels: teen, mature teen, mature and highly mature. Each of the levels refers to websites ranking. For example, if you choose a teen level, the report will show all the visited sites starting from teen ranked and above. The report will also contain a list of questionable web searches, use of mobile phone apps and other details.

What’s The Purpose Of Covenant Eyes App?

Regular reports on someone’s activity reflect the online choices and preferences of this person. The Covenant Eyes aims to make you reconsider your internet use. The Accountability Partner should discuss your online activity with you and help to combat your addiction.

What Features Does Covenant Eyes Have?

  • Internet Accountability – Covenant Eyes tracks the websites you visit and transfers these data to the Accountability report. The Accountability Partner can view the report and control your internet use better.
  • Filtering – The app enables filtering of all content you either stumble upon or search intentionally. You can create your Block and Allow lists.
  • Uninstall Notifications – Covenant Eyes notifies the Accountability Partner when you want to uninstall the software from any of your devices. So you won’t be able to lose the battle.
  • Android App Locking – App locking feature allows you to restrict the user from using certain mobile apps. The feature is available only for Android devices.

It is, definitely, not a wide choice of features. But Covenant Eyes options can help you or the person you love prevent the overexposure to adult-oriented material. Keep reading to learn how to install the app.

How To Install The Covenant Eyes App?

To install the Covenant Eyes on all your devices, follow the steps:

  1. Sign in to your online account – Before getting to work with Covenant Eyes, you need to register your account on the website. Then sign in to proceed to download.
  2. Download the Covenant Eyes app – For iOS devices, download the Covenant Eyes app from App Store. If you intend to use Covenant Eyes on an Android phone, download the app from your online account.
  3. Install the app – Open the app and read a brief explanation of the setup process. Follow the guidelines to install the Covenant Eyes app on the target device.

The legal use of Covenant Eyes software implies that you will use the software and all its features in agreement with the person to be monitored.

There are also limitations for kids under 13. They can’t track someone’s activity and receive Accountability Report without the consent of their parents or legal guardian. Also, to be the Accountability Partners of the child under 13, one needs to have the permission of parents or legal guardian.

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