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  1. What is Kidgy app?
  2. How does Kidgy work?
  3. What features does Kidgy have?
  4. How do I install Kidgy?
  5. Is it legal to use Kidgy?
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In the era of digital technologies, parenting is becoming much easier. And the answer lies in monitoring apps like Kidgy. Let’s have a closer look what this app is and what it does.

What is Kidgy app?

Kidgy is a parental control software created to keep kids safe and sound while they use their digital devices. It enables parents to supervise texts, calls, browsing history, app usage and has many other benefits.

Kidgy supports cross-platforms and available both for iOS and Android and doesn’t require rooting or jailbreak. Their Customer Support works 24/7 and can always answer any question you may have.

How does Kidgy work?

Kidgy is easy to use. Once it is installed on parent and kid’s devices, it starts to monitor the activities on minor’s device. Parents can check texts, calls, browsing history, monitor GPS location and set safe/dangerous areas. Also, Kidgy parent gets impressive Punic Button feature, which can instantly inform when a kid is in danger. The most remarkable feature parents receive is the Daily Scheduler, so they can give tasks remotely and check their progress.

What features does Kidgy have?

The number of monitoring features depends on the OS of your and your kid’s device. Kidgy for Android supports all features, namely:

  1. Messages: You can monitor all your kid’s text messages, even if they were deleted including the time and date information.
  2. GPS location: You can check where your kid is in real-time and track timestamps.
  3. Geo-fencing: You can mark dangerous zones on the map and check whether your kid doesn’t visit them.
  4. Punic Button: You can get notifications every time your kid is in danger and press the SOS button on his/her device.
  5. Applications: You can control what apps your kid uses and disable those you disapprove.
  6. Calls: You can check the most called numbers and block suspicious ones.
  7. Internet Filter: You can view what sites your kid visits and restrict the most dangerous ones.
  8. Daily Schedule Planner: You can promote the educational process and give tasks even when your kid is away.

As for the number of Kidgy features for iOS, they include:

  • Locations;
  • Internet filter;
  • Daily Schedule;

Then the app has some limitations. If you and your kid have iOS, you can:

  • View locations;
  • Monitor contacts details;
  • Educate your kid with Daily Schedule Planner;
  • Let your kid use Panic Button;
  • Set geo-fences;

If you have iOS, and your kid has Android, you can:

  • View what apps your kid uses;
  • Read kid’s text messages;
  • View the list of calls on your kid’s device;

How do I install Kidgy?

To get started with Kidgy, you need to install the app from the App Store or Google Play Market. Then you need to create a profile for your kid and yourself. Once it is done, you will be able to track your target device from your own account.

Kidgy is the parental control app aimed at kids’ protection when parents are not around. If you use this app to track your minor, it is absolutely legal.

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last updated January 10th 2020

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