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  1. Benefits and Drawbacks of Auto Forward App
  2. How Does Auto Forward Spy App Work?
  3. Auto Forward Features
  4. How Much Does Auto Forward Spy App Cost?
  5. Auto Forward Installation Guide
  6. Does Auto Forward Really Work?
  7. What Problems Are Reported by Users?
  8. Interface and Usability
  9. Who Can Benefit From Using the Auto Forward Spy App?
  10. Auto Forward Customer Reviews on Trustpilot
  11. Auto Forward Spy Reviews on Sitejabber
  12. The Best Auto Forward Alternatives
  13. Final Thoughts
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Every parent may find themselves in a need to monitor the phones of children. Children are vulnerable to online bullying and sexual harassment. Simultaneously, there may be difficult situations in which the only way out is to check on your partner’s secret messages and other private information. Meanwhile, it is a must for an employer to protect their business and know what their employees do while online. The reason is the sloppy nature of the Internet, where children can easily fall prey to online scammers, hackers, or even be harassed by online sex offenders.

To aid everyone in their daily concerns, I will look closely into all Auto Forward spy app features so that anyone looking for a monitoring app will understand precisely how it works. This review will refer to customer reviews from such trusted platforms as Trustpilot and others.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Auto Forward App


Easy to use

Works on both Android and iOS platforms

Helps to track any phone remotely

Has excellent customer support

Shows the deleted data

Works with most devices

Does not require jailbreaking an iPhone 



Doesn’t work on some IMs such as Viber and BBM

Requires an Internet connection

Cannot be configured remotely

Lacks Geofencing feature

How Does Auto Forward Spy App Work?

Auto Forward collects data from the target device and sends it to your account in an inconspicuous manner. Its mode of operation is invisible, and the whole workflow is seamless. You need to create an account by purchasing a subscription, then download the app. After installation on the target device, you will start receiving data from it on your dashboard within a few minutes.

Like in many other spying apps, one of the best things about this one is that it leaves no loopholes running in the background. Once it has been installed, no one can tell if the app exists on their phone.

Auto Forward Features

Browser History Monitoring and Site Blocking

There exists little regulation on the Internet: while there are thousands of sites unsafe for children, it’s challenging to filter them out. Thus, the only safest way to keep an eye on them is by monitoring their browser activities. Auto Forward app gives its users every detail of the client’s browsing history, including deleted sites and URLs. With this feature, a parent knows when to take action on their kids.

Calls Tracking and Blocking

You may need to monitor your children, spouse, or employees’ calls to know what they are up to at any given time. Since phone calls are still an essential form of communication, tapping into them gives you an upper hand.

Though it’s impossible to listen to the calls, you can view the call logs (incoming, outgoing, and missed calls as well as the deleted ones). Call logs, timestamps, and the duration of the calls can also be viewed.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media interactions are a common ground for online scammers and cybercriminals who target vulnerable users like children through their social media accounts. This spy app allows you to view the posts and messages on popular social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram are some of the social media accounts that can be monitored using the Auto Forward spy app. Other platforms include Skype, LINE, Telegram, Kik, Tinder, Hangouts, and Facebook Messenger.

GPS Tracking

This feature allows you to determine the whereabouts of your children by checking on their location. Someone can determine the exact location of the phone, and thus, the kid’s location at any time. The location feature does not support geofencing, though. Still, this feature can be used to find a misplaced phone.

Viewing and Blocking Contacts

The app also gives you an exclusive view of the target device contacts. The best part is that the contact list appears on your dashboard in the same format that you would find on the target device. This feature helps parents know the people who are likely to interact with their kids.

WhatsApp Monitoring

Thanks to its simplicity and elegant design, WhatsApp is used by almost everyone who has a smartphone. Auto Forward lets you keep an eye on the private chats, group chats, and media files that are shared with/from the target device.

Viewing Multimedia Files

With Auto Forward spy app, you can also view all the media files on the target smartphone, including photos and videos. It captures both incoming and outgoing files as well as those stored on the device.

Tracking Text Messages

Auto Forward app allows a parent, partner, or an employer to view all the SMS sent to/from the target device. The accessible text messages include the deleted threads on an Android device.

If you would like to track an iPhone or iPad, the Auto Forward spy app will record the message logs for you.

Checking Keyboard Entries with Keylogger

The Keylogger is available in many spy apps, and you will see that it is worth the price. Once enabled, this feature records all the keystrokes on the target device. Sometimes, it can even let you know a password, pin, or OTP. More importantly, one can use the keystroke feature to know what their children are chatting about with their friends as they type. It can help you stop or prevent sexting.

How Much Does Auto Forward Spy App Cost?

Depending on the services required, Auto Forward has two packages that you can choose from. The good news is that there are no monthly payments, just a one-time fee, and that’s all.

The first package is Basic, and it costs $29.99. Just like the name suggests, this plan is good, but it lacks a lot of crucial features: there is no keylogger, and you can’t block apps or websites. Nor can you see the Wi-Fi networks, use geofencing, or monitor Instant Messaging apps. Call recordings or restrictions are not available either.

Alternatively, you can purchase the Pro package for $69.99. Though it may seem somewhat pricey, this package comes with all the features that anyone would want on a spying app.

Auto Forward Installation Guide

Auto forward spy guide

Below is the simple algorithm that always works if you intend to download and start using Auto Forward to protect your kids, partner, or business.

  1. Visit the app website.
  2. Click on the big button, “DOWNLOAD NOW.”
  3. On the new page, select the device you want to monitor, Android, or iPhone.
  4. Select the plan that suits you best.
  5. Select the options you wish to add, such as the extended download option, and Premium package.
  6. Add the payment details, download and install the app on the target device.
  7. Activate the app by entering the license key.
  8. Start monitoring (enter the phone number to watch).

Does Auto Forward Really Work?

A small number of users claim the software does not work, and they cite a variety of reasons. Some of them claim it’s too intrusive, and others argue that some features of the spy app do not work at all, and some claim the installation file they downloaded did not work. Meanwhile, several iPhone users complained that jailbreaking is needed for the app to work.

The only thing all those negative reviews have in common is their lack of unanimity. This can only mean that the issues those unfortunate customers face were caused by the individual peculiarities of their devices or poor internet connection rather than any general software problems.

What Problems Are Reported by Users?

The common complaint among all the dissatisfied customers is that the app is intrusive and keeps sending messages even after uninstallation or, in some cases, after the subscription expiration. Thus, we can assume that all the steps of the uninstallation procedure require special attention from the company both to be made more user-friendly and to be supplied by a clear and unambiguous guide.

Interface and Usability

The app is easy to use, and the data you get comes in a simplified form, which is easy to read and comprehend. One can view the private information on the available apps, Internet history, GPS tracker, and media files.

On the appearance, the site’s dashboard is also simplistic. Various tiles represent different features. For instance, there is the SMS tile, call tile, Facebook tile, Skype, and so on, for all the activated features. To access additional features on the control center, press the menu icon on the left side, and the side-panel will appear. All the app’s features are available on the side panel.

Who Can Benefit From Using the Auto Forward Spy App?

Auto Forward tracker assists parents in monitoring their children closely. Through Auto Forward, parents can view crucial information such as call logs, text messages, and location on their children’s phones.

If you are not a mother or father, you can still find the app helpful in times of family crisis if you suspect your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend of cheating, or if they desperately need your support, but will not admit it. Spy apps like Auto Forward will come to rescue your relationship.

Alternatively, employers need to keep close tabs on their employees to ensure their organizations are running smoothly. An organization’s downward trend starts when employees neglect their duties.

Auto Forward Customer Reviews on Trustpilot

There are a lot of reviews on Auto Forward on Trustpilot, and many of them are complaints. Only one thing they all have in common, though, is being individual. On reading through all of them, I could not define any particular issue that a number of customers who purchased Auto Forward had faced, except the uninstallation process that I have already mentioned above.

All the unhappy customers claim it just doesn’t work, and they did not get any refund despite requesting it. However, most of them do not specify whether they were having difficulties with their account, installation process, or app functions. Unfortunately, such emotional reviews leave us with no clue about the true downsides of Auto Forward.

Auto Forward Spy Reviews on Sitejabber

Like those on Trustpilot, many reviews are negative on Sitejabber. Too many of them say emotionally that the app does not work and that it is awful. The first thought it evoked in me is how anyone can know the application is that horrible if it did not work and, technically, they were unable to test it. 

Those rare customers who spoke about their issues in detail mentioned various problems that were very specific and, again, seem to be caused by device peculiarities rather than the app itself.

The Best Auto Forward Alternatives

mSpy Reviews – Monitor All Kid’s Online Activities Without Fuss

mSpy works stealthily and has excellent reviews from the customers. Easy to install, it can even be installed remotely on an Android device through the live chat with support. While offering Geofencing and access to social networks, it also provides real-time tracking. 

In 10 Minutes, We'll Give You The Truth About IKEYMONITOR REVIEW

It is convenient for parental control and is available for all platforms, including Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. A free demo is available for download to explore the features.

What is Spyic monitoring?

It’s a reliable tracking app for both Android and iOS devices. It offers many features and allows you to create a free account and test those available free of charge.


Does Auto Forward Have a Free Version?

No, the app does not have a free version. However, it has a cheap option of just $29.99, though, with a minimal range of features.

Does Auto Forward Have a Trial Period?

Yes, the app gives any subscribers a 30-day trial period to test the functionality before driving to a conclusion.

Where Can One Download the Auto Forward App?

The installation file is available for download on Auto Forward official website.

Is Physical Interaction With the Monitored Device Necessary?

Yes, you must have the device to install the spy app on the phone.

Does Auto Forward Work on All Devices?

Yes, the app works on all Android phones and iPhones.

Final Thoughts

Auto Forward spy app has excellent features, which can meet all your requirements and provide you with a full range of spying tools. Whether you are a parent who wants to monitor kids, a spouse who wants to keep an eye on your partner, or an employer wishing to control better how your employees do their job, you should not miss this opportunity. To download the app, just visit the Auto Forward official website and follow the instructions.


Quality vs. cost
User-friendly interface
Customer care team