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  1. What is Bark app?
  2. What does Bark US offer?
  3. How Does Bark Work?
  4. What Features Does Bark Have?
  5. How Do I Install Bark App?
  6. Is It Legal To Use Bark?
  7. Truth.Best Team Recommendations
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What is Bark app?

Bark is an internet safety tool, which helps parents prevents online threats and make sure their children feel secure online. Bark applies advanced technologies to notify parents about possible online dangers. Thus, you don’t need to track every move of your child – get updates not to miss the important things.

Bark mobile app grants parents with unlimited access to the phones of their kids. With Bark, parents can supervise the device use, detect threats and help their children omit online dangers.

What does Bark US offer?

  • Mobile app for iPhone monitoring – Bark app for iPhones notifies parents when their children check-in. You need to install the app from the App store and connect your children’s accounts. Bark will inform you in case of an online threat for the child.
  • Android supervising app – Bark for Android phones applies advanced algorithms to monitor all the activity on the device of your child. Bark guarantees constant notification in case of cyberbullying, sexting or any harassment.
  • Tracking tool for Kindle Fire – Bark allows monitoring applications of your child on the Kindle Fire tablets. So you can always know what’s going on the social media account of your child and what messages they receive.

How Does Bark Work?

Bark analyses the online content in the real-time. The app uses powerful software to detect the signs of cyberbullying, dangerous interactions and other online dangers.

The Bark app scan every social media account of your child to send the reports to your e-mail in case anything risky is noticed. Applying machine learning, Bark deals with conversations of the child. The smart algorithm allows Bark to check the whole content the child faces every day while communicating with friends in chats, looking for information and checking the Instagram feed.

Although Bark works efficiently, there are cases when the tool can’t detect some risky situations. The Bark representatives state the Bark app can’t be accurate 100% of the time. Still, they assert that Bark has already made the difference for the security of kids and awareness of parents. To check whether it’s true or not, let’s shed some light on the Bark features.

What Features Does Bark Have?

  • Snapchat/Instagram messages – Bark can intercept messages your child exchanges on social media app. Parents can rest assured their children are not at risk of exposing their sensitive information on social media.
  • Device’s location – Bark will keep you updated on the location of your kid. If check-ins are enabled on the Android of your child, you can discover their last check-in and check-out.
  • E-mail monitoring – With Bark, you can access your child’s e-mail and check the e-mails for harmful content. Bark prevents spam and dangerous material from cluttering your kid’s inbox.
  • Instant alerts – The Bark app automatically notifies the parents in case it detects something dangerous or unsavory for the child. Knowing there is a problem, you can address it immediately to protect your child from other online risks.

How Do I Install Bark App?

If you want to get started with Bark up, you have to sing up on the Bark official website. You will receive further instructions once you log in.

To install Bark app for Android monitoring, parents should download Bark – Internet safety app from the Google Play. Then you need to install Bark for kids app on the child’s device.

Bark requires you to provide your kid’s login credentials for every social media app you wish to monitor. If you can’t get the username and password, you won’t be able to use the app correctly.

You can only track activities on your child’s iPhone from the desktop. To begin monitoring, you need to install iMazing software on your Mac. It will download the iOS backup file to your laptop. Since it is downloaded, Bark will be able to address it and scan the obtained data.

Also, you have to schedule regular backups. The perfect time for the backup is when you can get physical access to your child’s device. Back up the data and then supervise it with Bark.

According to the Child Online Privacy and Protection Act, digital brands aren’t allowed to target children under 13. To cut it short, it is illegal to use Bark to monitor the accounts of children who are less than 13 years old.

The only way to monitor your child with Bark legally is to provide verifiable parental consent. Credit card added to your Bark account may serve as a consent.

Truth.Best Team Recommendations

Bark seems to be the effective parental control solution. But, some of the user reviews on Google Play claim the app isn’t helpful. Many children spoke out that Bark doesn’t show reliable data – some of the users told the app showed they searched for porn online, while their devices were shut off.

Other children told that Bark notifies parents even when they send an innocent, funny message to a friend. It is evident that sometimes their algorithm doesn’t work that accurately. So is the Bark worth your money? Look through the list of advantages and disadvantages of the app to make a final decision.

last updated January 10th 2020