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  1. What is the Copy9 app?
  2. How does Copy9 work?
  3. What features does Copy9 have?
  4. How do I install Copy9?
  5. Is it legal to use Copy9?
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Smartphone tracking is very popular nowadays. That’s why more and more monitoring apps appear on the market. Here we would like to talk about one of them – Copy9.

What is the Copy9 app?

Copy9 is a versatile monitoring solution for parents and employers. It enables you to do a lot of things, for instance, to monitor texts, calls, instant messengers and other activities on your target device. Everything that has been typed, sent, received or deleted is available in Copy9 Control Panel.

There are three subscription packages: Standard, Premium and Gold. The price rates for these subscriptions are different and depend on the package duration.

How does Copy9 work?

Here is how the Copy9 work:

  1. You buy Copy9 – Go to the site and tap Buy Now button. Choose the needed subscription from the list and press Buy Now once again. Fill the billing information and choose the payment method. Then Submit your order.
  2. You install the Copy9 app – Download and install the app on the Android device you are authorized to monitor. It will take 10 or less minutes.
  3. You start monitoring – Log in to your account to access calls, texts, instant messengers, view multimedia files, supervise Internet activities and access the other features.

What features does Copy9 have?

Copy9 provides access to a large number of monitoring features:

  1. GPS location tracking – You can view the location of your target device directly from your user control panel.
  2. Calls management – You can check the history of all calls on your target device, including timestamps and deleted records.
  3. Internet activities monitoring – You can check the list of all visited websites on your target device and block those you consider hazardous.
  4. Instant messengers – You can supervise such social networking sites as Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, etc.
  5. Phone call recording – You can record both incoming and outgoing calls and listen to them later. All the data will be sent to your account so that you can download it later.
  6. Remote control – You can access your target device by means of the online control panel and send SMS commands remotely.
  7. Trace SMS – You can read every sent and received SMS on the target device, even it was deleted.
  8. Alerts and Notifications – You will be immediately notified if the SIM card on your target device was changed. A new number will be sent via SMS.
  9. Contact History – You can check all the contacts in the address book of your target, including their phone numbers.
  10. Multimedia files – You can check all media files on your target device, including captured photos, recorded videos, etc.
  11. Surroundings recording – You can hear the sound surrounding if the Internet connection is enabled.
  12. Notes content – You can check all the notes saved on your target device.
  13. Auto-answer – You can set auto-answer for the calls on your target device.
  14. Apps usage recording – You can view the list of installed apps on your target device and block the undesired ones.
  15. Stealth mode – You can be 100 % sure that your target person will not know that there is the Copy9 installed on their device.
  16. Keylogger – You can capture any keystroke typed on your target device, including the password for social networks.
  17. TraceYou app – It is the app version of Copy9, which allows you to check target device data without login into your control panel every time.
  18. Support options – Their support team works 24/7, and they provide money-back guarantee 14 days.

Note! Instant messengers and phone call recording require rooting of your target device.

How do I install Copy9?

Before you start the installation, you need to complete the next actions:

Firstly, go to Settings > choose Security and then allow Unknown Sources.
Secondly, disable Scan Device for Security Threats. For it open Play Store > choose Play Protect and then disable Scan Device for Security Threats.
Once it is done, you can start the Copy9 installation.

  1. Go to the Copy9.com/android and download the app on your target device.
  2. Open the downloaded apk file and perform the installation.
  3. Register a new Copy9 account or log in to the existing one.
  4. Accept all the permissions to ensure the smooth work of the app.
  5. Click the Configuration button and choose Hide Icon Copy9 to monitor in stealth mode.

Once the installation is finished, you need to log in to your account to monitor all target device logs remotely. All the information is kept on your Cpy9 Control Panel.

This app was developed not to invade into someone’s privacy, but to protect your beloved ones from rash decisions and bad choices. Your actions won’t be considered as illegal if you use Copy9 to:

    • Monitor your kids – With all these instant messengers and countless social media outlets, kids are at risk. Copy9 helps parents to protect their kids from inappropriate content, cyberbullying, hacking attacks, fraud and other dangers.
    • Supervise your employees – Using Copy9, you can track company-owned devices to ensure your employees are dedicated to their work and perform their duties carefully.

You should keep in mind that all actions you perform with the Copy9 are under your own responsibility. If you have any doubts, better to consult the legal advisor.

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