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Kids are curious. They want to find out everything about anything and get to know how things work. With constant access to the internet, they can discover lots of things, even age-inappropriate. That’s why a powerful parental control app is a must-have tool for parents.

Check out this Cyber Patrol review to find out how it works and what features it offers. At Truth.Best we will help you to choose the best monitoring software and ensure the digital safety of your child. 

What Is Cyber Patrol?   

Cyber Patrol is an internet filter software, which has plenty of features. It helps parents to control the time the child spends online and monitor the apps use. However, Cyber Patrol can do more than a simple internet filter does. It also tracks instant messaging apps and mobile games to prevent the exposure of the kid to unsavory content. 

How Does Cyber Patrol Work? 

Cyber Patrol controls the kid’s mobile phone from the inside. That means that the software needs to be installed on the smartphone of your child. If you are a worrisome parent, you can breathe out because Cyber Patrol is undetectable and your child won’t notice it.

The Cyber Patrol app filters the online content accessed by a child on their smartphone. You can set filtering rules and change them anytime you want to from your account. Once you log in to your Cyber Patrol account you will see a basic tree structure, so you can easily switch between different features.

The app is easy to use; you can customize the default settings. Parents can also add as many user profiles as they want to so that they can monitor more than one child’s phone. There are different levels of filtering categories including adult, gambling, violence, etc. and you can choose the preferred one.

What Features Does Cyber Patrol Have?

Internet filter 

Cyber Patrol analyzes the online content and identifies the category of the site the user accesses. You can choose between 18 filtering categories and decide whether to block, warn or allow specific website. 

Alerts and reporting 

With Cyber Patrol you can be in the know about your kid’s online activity. Cyber Patrol sends reports and e-mail alerts, informing you about websites your child visits and content they search for.

Pornography block 

Early exposure to adult-oriented content may result in a distorted image of a healthy relationship. Cyber Patrol helps, child, to stay away from pornography and protect them from age-inappropriate websites.

Time management 

Most of the kids can’t concentrate on anything with mobile phones in their hands. Cyber Patrol can help you to boost your child productivity and teach them how to manage their free time better. You can set the total number of Internet hours allowed, so your kid won’t be able to distract on mobile games. 

Profanity block 

Cyber Patrol detects profanity on the websites and blocks it, so the child won’t be able to pick up the swear words. 

What makes Cyber Patrol stand out among other filtering apps, is that it allows you to customize settings for each user profile. You can either leave the default settings or choose the filtering level on your own and control how each family members uses the internet.

How Do I Install Cyber Patrol?

Before explaining how to install Cyber Patrol, we need to inform you that Cyber Patrol has combined their forces with NetNanny. So, to start using Cyber Patrol, you actually need to install NetNanny, which is another parental control software. 

To begin using Cyber Patrol, you need to purchase the subscription package and proceed to installation when the payment is processed. Then go to Google Play on the target Android or App Store on an iOS device to download the application. Open the file and install the filtering software complying with the on-screen instructions. 

When the software is set up on the target smartphone, make sure the mobile phone you monitor has an internet connection. The app requires access to the internet to upload activity logs to your account. That’s why to deliver data promptly, fast internet connection is a must. Ensure the target smartphone has mobile data or can connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot nearby.

Unfortunately, there is no information regarding the legal use of the app. But we can suppose that you can use the software legally to filter the content on the mobile device of your underage child. If you intend to use Cyber Patrol to track someone else’s mobile phone, you will need to get permission to do so. 

Top Cyber Patrol Alternatives

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Truth.Best Team Recommendations 

As Cyber Patrol was acquired by NetNanny, we would kindly recommend you to check out our NetNanny review before you make your choice! To sum up, Cyber Patrol is a typical filtering software, which helps parents to build a safe place for the kids on the internet. If you look for more advanced monitoring features, you can try other apps we reviewed before and decide on the one that meets your requirements.

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