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  1. What is Forcefield app?
  2. How does Forcefield app work?
  3. What features does Forcefield app have? 
  4. How do I install Forcefield app?
  5. Is it legal to use Forcefield app?
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In our contemporary world, there is a huge number of reasons to install parental control apps on the devices of our kids. On the Internet, different cyber attacks threaten us and our children, including spam, abusive and offensive content, harmful communication, and so on.

So, how to protect yourself and your children from inappropriate content in the most reliable way? How not to become a victim of abuse or other ways of Internet bullying?  Forcefield app is a real catch for provident parents. Let’s consider which benefits and parental control feature Forcefield app provides users with!

What is Forcefield app?

Forcefield isn’t a spying application. While developers were creating this application, they wanted to help parents and children collaborate in order to enable as high as possible level of cybersecurity, and protection against Internet bullying. This is an easy-to-use and transparent tool intended to make the use of the Internet by your children safer. Due to a wide list of benefits and parental control features, the Forcefield app lures a huge audience of customers all over the world. 

How does Forcefield app work?

Forcefield app retrieves all the necessary information from your children’s devices, including a list of apps used by your children, websites visited by your children, photos, GPS location, and so on and sends it to the Live Control Panel. 

After a Forcefield parent account activation, you can receive daily browsing Activity Report every morning for each of your children. If you want to provide other people with such kind of information, you need to enter additional emails into your Parent Dashboard. 

In addition, parents can block children’s devices completely or separate applications for a certain period of time from the Live Control Panel. 

What features does Forcefield app have? 

Forcefield app provides users with a huge number of parental control features:

  • App Sleeper. This feature allows restricting or blocking apps, games, and social networks on your children’s devices for a certain period of time or setting up a schedule for the use of separate apps. App Sleeper is a real catch for parents who want to enhance their children’s productivity in studying. 
  • Safe browsing. This feature allows blocking inappropriate content and locking in YouTube Restricted Mode and Google SafeSearch. It’s also a very beneficial parental control feature that allows protecting your underage children from offensive or harmful websites. 
  • Activity report. Due to Forcefield’s Daily Activity Report, you can look through all websites visited by your children from different devices. Also, you can check at what time they visited these websites and how much time they browse these websites. 
  • Curated Library. This is a unique feature provided by Forcefield that allows parents to learn more websites well-curated.
  • App report. This feature allows parents to get app reports. By using Forcefield’s App Report, you can look through what apps your children use in real-time, 24/7. 
  • Family Finder. This feature allows viewing GPS locations visited by your children and get to know where your child is at the moment. 
  • All these features together provide a full-fledged parental control of your underage children and a high level of protection against cyberbullying and abuse. In addition, due to the blocking features and App Sleeper, you can impact your children’s productivity positively.

How do I install Forcefield app?

The installation process of the Forcefield app includes several easy steps:

  • Step 1. Download Forcefield app from App Store on the device of your kid and follow next steps. If your kid is an owner of Android device, download Forcefield app from Google Play.  
  • Step 2. Click Create/Enable Device Administrator. 
  • Step 3. Go to Activities.
  • Step 4. Click Permit Usage Access.
  • Step 5. Click Forcefield.
  • Step 6. Re-tap Permit Usage Access. 

Forcefield app is developed for legal use as parental control software. One of the main purposes of the Forcefield app is high-quality protection of your underage children against abuse and harmful content. If you have decided to use this application for other purposes, for instance for the control of your employees at work or blocking websites in order to enhance the level of their productivity, you need to get written permission from this person.

If you have decided to use the Forcefield app, you carry responsibility for the use of the app on your own. In case of the appearance of issues, you can visit the local attorney in order to dispel your doubts. 

Truth.Best team recommendations

Truth.Best team recommends using Forcefield app as parental control software. It provides users with a huge number of high-quality parental control features, including App Sleeper, Safe Browsing, Activity Report, Curated Library, App Report, and Family Finder. They will allow you to protect your children from harmful or inappropriate content in the most reliable way. 

If you want to make your child sleep or study instead of visiting gaming websites, you can turn on App Sleeper option that allows turning off apps, games, and social networks. It will help your children concentrate their attention on studying. In addition, one of the most useful parental control features provided by Forcefield app is Family Finder that allows tracking whereabouts of your children in real-time. 

Safe Browsing feature is also very useful while you want to protect your child from visiting harmful or inappropriate websites, including porn, gaming, gambling, adult, and so on. 

However, Truth.Best team can emphasize one essential disadvantage of this application is that you can’t read SMS and instant messages of your children. Today, instant messengers, including Facebook, Skype, SnapChat,  WhatsApp, and so on play a very important role in the communication between teenagers and are one of the most popular platforms for their communication. Therefore, in instant messengers, there is a huge risk of abuse or sexting. So, it’s very important to control the instant messages of your child.


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