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  1. What Is HelloSpy?
  2. How Does HelloSpy Work?
  3. What Features Does HelloSpy Have?
  4. How Do I Install HelloSpy?
  5. Is It Legal To Use HelloSpy?
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Many people now purchase the spying software to monitor their family members devices. Indeed, such an app is a helpful tool that can help discover many secrets. HelloSpy is one of such mobile spyware, which covers many useful features.

The HelloSpy home page starts with the assertive claim that HelloSpy is the world’s most powerful cell phone spy software. Sounds confident, doesn’t it? The powerful monitoring software has to offer many useful features and know how to make it easy for the client to install and set up the mobile software.

Is the HelloSpy that good? We have examined many HelloSpy reviews to present an honest and detailed description of this mobile spyware. Check the HelloSpy review from Truth.Best now. 

What Is HelloSpy?

HelloSpy is the mobile phone tracking software developed to help you stay informed about someone’s activity. HelloSpy offers various monitoring features to track the variety of actions and tasks performed on the Android and iOS devices.

How Does HelloSpy Work?

HelloSpy requires installation on the mobile phone you want to track. You need physical access to the device you intend to track to install the HelloSpy app. After installation and setup, the spyware will begin collecting data on the target device.

HelloSpy transfers the found data to the user’s Control Panel. It is the personal online portal, where the spyware stores the collected data for you to check it comfortably. To transfer the activity logs to the Control Panel, the spyware needs Internet access. That means the target device has to be connected to the Internet all the time.

What Features Does HelloSpy Have?

HelloSpy covers enough features to ensure the whole scope of mobile activity monitoring. View the list of HelloSpy features and discover how each of them can be helpful for you.

    • Phone Location Tracker
      GPS location tracker is the necessary tool for the parents. Many fathers and mothers are curious to find where their child wanders after school. Once you install the HelloSpy app on the mobile device of your kid, you can discover their location instantly from your Panel.
    • Text Messages Spy
      HelloSpy takes a look into text messages both sent and received. You can read the content of each message and find out when it was sent/received. HelloSpy saves the texts on their servers so that you can read even the deleted messages.
    • Spy Call Recorder
      HelloSpy records the phone calls in action and allows you to find out who your child interacts with. The HelloSpy app tracks the mobile activity around the clock to begin recording the call when it is performed.
    • WhatsApp Conversations Spy
      HelloSpy intercepts WhatsApp messages the users exchange with each other. The software displays the messages in your Control Panel. The content of each message and time stamps will be shown in your online portal too.
    • Browser History Tracker
      The HelloSpy app allows you to track all website addresses the user visited from the browser of the target device. The spyware reflects the URL’s visited in the chronological order with the time when each source was entered.
    • Remote Uninstallation
      In case you don’t want someone to detect the HelloSpy app on the target device you can uninstall the application remotely. You need to enter your HelloSpy account to remove the spyware distantly.

How Do I Install HelloSpy?

Installation of the HelloSpy on the Android device takes three steps:

      • Device Configuration
        For flawless installation, you need to make sure the target device has an Internet connection. Also, enable installation from the unknown sources and turn off scanning of the device for security threats in the Settings.
      • Installation
        You need to download the HelloSpy apk file and install the app on the target smartphone. Once the installation is complete, restart the device.
      • Register your device
        You need to create your account or log in to the existing one from the device you plan to monitor.

Once the installation and setup are done, you can enter your Control Panel to check the collected activity.

To monitor someone’s iPhone with HelloSpy, you need to jailbreak the device. We should warn you that jailbreak is nearly impossible for the latest iOS smartphones. So it’s better to avoid jailbreaking iPhone to prevent security threats and other dangers.

Unfortunately, HelloSpy doesn’t offer a no-jailbreak option for the iPhone users. So jailbreak and installation of HelloSpy on the iOS device can be risky for the operating system. We do not recommend you to try to jailbreak your iPhone.

HelloSpy software can be purchased by individuals who own the mobile device they want to monitor. Any other use of the HelloSpy software is prohibited.

The users are responsible for ensuring that their use of the HelloSpy doesn’t contradict with the applicable laws in their country of residence. In case of any doubts regarding HelloSpy use, it’s better to contact your legal consultant.

Truth.Best Team Recommendations

With their 2-days free trial, HelloSpy seems like a nice offer. The HelloSpy monthly subscription will cost you $29.99. The six months subscription plan is worth $89.99.

HelloSpy allows you to monitor different activities on the target device. From contacts list to Viber chats – you can use the HelloSpy app to find someone’s darkest secrets. Check the list of the pros and cons of the HelloSpy app to decide whether you should opt for it or not.

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