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  1. Main Pros & Cons of Highster Mobile
  2. What Is Highster Mobile?
  3. How Does Highster Mobile Work?
  4. Highster Mobile Features 
  5. Highster Mobile Control Panel
  6. Highster Mobile Cost
  7. How to Install Highster Mobile?
  8. Highster Mobile Customer Service
  9. How Do Users Rate Highster on Trustpilot?
  10. Highster Mobile Reviews on Sitejabber
  11. FAQs
  12. Best Highster Mobile Alternatives
  13. Is Highster Mobile Worth Buying?
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Smartphones have gradually become an integral part of our everyday lives. From young to old, everyone has a smartphone. However, in the same way, mobile phones have made our lives easier; they can also be sources of distraction from work and other troubles. With the endless possibilities and unrestricted Internet access mobile phones give, parents and employers look for ways to make sure this freedom isn’t misused. This need is where this software can help out. We’ve put together a detailed Highster Mobile review below to help you discover whether it’s what you need.

Main Pros & Cons of Highster Mobile


  • It’s simple to install and use.
  • It requires no payment to download.
  • It allows you to monitor effectively in stealth mode.
  • Its one-time payment fee relieves any issues of a monthly payment.
  • It allows you to control the phone remotely.


  • It doesn’t have live customer support.
  • It has no free version or free trial period.

What Is Highster Mobile?

Highster Mobile is a powerful spy software for monitoring cell phone activity. This spyware allows you to know everything that’s happening on another person’s mobile device, whether phone or tab. With Highster Mobile, you’ll have full access to your target device and track whatever they do, including phone calls, text messages, and even locations.

This app offers you several essential monitoring features and helps you stealthily keep tabs on whoever you want.​ It was designed by a team of experts in New York City to help parents and employers. With this app, parents can better protect their children from online dangers when they know what their kids are doing online. Employers also stand to benefit from using this app as they can monitor their workers and know what distracts them from work.

How Does Highster Mobile Work?

This monitoring app works by recording every activity and communication on the target device and uploading the information to a personal online Control Panel you have full access to. The information uploaded on the control dashboard can be viewed from any Internet browser. All you need to access the dashboard is your login details and start monitoring.

To use this tracking software, you’ll need to purchase a subscription plan and probably install the app on your target device. However, we’ll tell you more about this in subsequent sections of this review.

Let’s look at the features Highster Mobile spy app offers.

Highster Mobile Features 

●  Tracking Text Messages

The app gives you complete access to all SMS activity on the target phone. You’ll see all the text messages received, sent, and even those deleted from the device. You’ll also get information like the phone numbers and names of whoever sends a text to the target phone.

●  Call Log Monitoring

You can get a lot of information about a person from their calls. This spy app has a call log tracking feature that allows you to see all calls made and received on the target phone. Highster also reveals the numbers called, time and date stamp of the calls, and call duration data to you. As part of this feature, the app also lets you record all calls.

●  Photos and Videos Monitoring

An impressive feature of the spy app is its media tracking function. This software allows you to see all the photos and videos saved on your target phone. Also, media files that were taken with the target device’s camera, and others received will display on your dashboard with time and date stamps and geolocation information.

●  GPS Location Tracking

This app uses high tech GPS technology to inform you about the location of the target phone accurately. The GPS location will be delivered to you in real-time. The app also gives you the location history of the target phone. With this feature, you can track everywhere the target person is at any time, and where it has been. The feature also comes in handy if the target phone gets lost or stolen.

●  Get Contacts List and Email Information

It also gives you access to all the information about the contacts saved on the target phone. This app takes it a step further by providing you with any address, email details, names, and any other detail saved with each contact. You’ll also get to see all the emails received and sent on the target device.

●  Monitoring Social Media and Instant Messaging

A big part of our everyday lives involves interacting on social media, and Highster Mobile makes sure that aspect is well-monitored. The app allows you to watch over different social media and instant messaging platforms, including iMessage. You can track all messages shared and posts made from the target device on different platforms undetected.

●  Keyword Notifications

This app’s fantastic feature, the keyword search alert, lets you get notified when specific words are used on the target device. You get to set these keywords on your dashboard so you can get alerted when they are used.

●  Remote Camera Activation

With this spy app, you can know what’s going on around the other person any time you want by activating the target phone camera remotely. This remote camera activation feature allows you to turn on the camera and take pictures without the target person knowing. The photo taken will be displayed on the user Control Panel.

●  Monitoring The List of Installed Apps

When the Highster app is installed on the target device, you’ll see a list of all the apps installed and running on the phone. This parental control app also allows you to block the installation and access to specific apps.

Highster Mobile Control Panel

highster mobile dashboard

A strong point about this spy app is its live Control Panel. This spyware has a very simple to use dashboard with a user-friendly interface. All the details and information gotten from your target device are easily accessible on its Control Panel. It also gives you the ability to change settings, log displays, etc. We found its intuitive and straightforward Control Panel one of the most impressive features of this monitoring software. And in case you need to monitor more than one device, the app’s Control Panel makes switching between devices’ stress less and effortless.

Now you know what you stand to gain with this app, let’s tell you how much it costs.

Highster Mobile Cost

This app offers only 2 subscription plans, and both are paid. Check out the up to date subscription pricing fees below.

●  Basic Edition –     $29.99

●   Pro Edition –         $69.99

The plus side of this software is that its payment isn’t monthly. You only make a one-time payment and start spying.

Free Version

If you’re looking for this app’s free version, you’ll be disappointed. There is no free version of this spy app.

How to Install Highster Mobile?

As we stated earlier, you’ll need to install this spy app on the target device before you can start monitoring. However, the process of installation for this app is dependent on the target device. It has different installation processes for Androids and iPhones. Let’s see how you can install the app on each device type.

How to Install Highster Mobile on the iPhone?

For iOS devices, the installation process is short and straightforward. It involves 2 simple steps:

●  Step 1: Purchase the app online and pay for your preferred plan.

●  Step 2: Get the target device’s Apple iCloud login ID and password. Log into your dashboard, enter the target device’s iCloud details, and start monitoring.

And that’s all there is to know about installing and using the Highster Mobile iPhone version. There’s no need for physical access to the target phone for this installation.

How to Install the App on Android Devices?

For Android devices, it’s a different case. The app’s installation on Android is still pretty easy and straightforward. However, it requires you to have physical access to the target device. Here are the steps involved.

●  Step 1: Choose your device and buy a subscription plan. After payment is made, you’ll receive an email containing the Highster Mobile download link for Android devices.

●  Step 2: Download the app by opening the download URL on your target device.

●  Step 3: Install the app, open it, and enter your license key to activate it.

●  Step 4: Start monitoring.

Remember, you need Internet access to install the app on your target device.

How to Uninstall Highster Mobile?

If you have gotten the information you need, or the other person gets a new phone, you may want to uninstall the app. Just like its installation process, uninstalling the app is equally simple and straightforward. Let’s look at the steps to uninstall Highster Mobile.

●  Step 1: Go to your online dashboard, select “Settings,” and click on “Uninstall Code.” 

●  Step 2: Send the code you see to the target device as SMS. And just like that, the app gets uninstalled.

Highster Mobile Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, this app has an excellent support team. Although this app is easy to use and install, there may be times when you’ll need technical support. The Highster Mobile troubleshooting team can be contacted via emails and phone calls. The app has a direct customer support number you can call whenever you need assistance with the app.

How Do Users Rate Highster on Trustpilot?

Our review is not complete without some authentic customer feedback. To give you that, we went on a user review site, Trustpilot, and checked out the app’s reviews. Based on the user ratings, this spy app gets 3.0 stars out of a possible five stars from 174 reviews. This rating indicates that the app’s features and performance are slightly above average. Also, just about 58% of users who reviewed this monitoring solution gave it reviews ranging from average to excellent.

Highster Mobile Reviews on Sitejabber

We checked another top customer review site, Sitejabber, and took a general consensus of other users’ opinions about the app. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t have great reviews on Sitejabber as it has a rating of 1.86 stars out of a possible five stars. Just 23 consumers have reviewed the app on the site, and the majority of those customers encountered problems with the app. The general complaint about this app was on its poor customer service and lack of proper refund measures.


How to Install Highster Mobile Remotely?

Remote installation is not possible on every device. For Android devices, you can’t install the app remotely. However, for iPhone users, Highster Mobile no jailbreak version allows for remote installation. In fact, there’s no installation needed at all. Just follow the steps we listed above and start monitoring.

Is Highster Mobile Legit?

Yes, this spyware is legitimate. Generally, monitoring someone else with a spy app is allowed legally in different cases which include:

●  If you’re monitoring your children under 18 years of age.

●  If you own the monitored device.

●  If the monitored person is aware and agrees with it.

Is Highster Mobile Undetectable?

This spy app is completely undetectable. After installation, there are no signs of giving away the app’s presence on your target device. According to the Highster Mobile review CNET, Highster Mobile works in a convert mode, so there are minimum chances to be caught.

Does Highster Mobile Really Work?

This one is fantastic spy software that gives you details of all the activities on the other person’s smartphone. Its features offer practical monitoring tools that are perfect for parents, employers, and even couples.

Can Highster Mobile Be Cracked?

No. The only way to get this spy app and its full features is by purchasing a plan. There’s no authentic Highster Mobile crack version.

Does Highster Mobile monitor Snapchat?

Highster Mobile fully supports to spy on social apps like Snapchat and Instagram. If you find Highster Mobile app not working correctly, Highster Mobile troubleshooting will resolve the problem.

Is Highster Mobile a scam?

Some people are discussing Highster Mobile scam. Well, Highster Mobile is not a scam. It works in many countries like Australia, UK, Canada, etc.

Is Customer Support available?

According to the Highster Mobile reviews, Customer Support is available 24/7. Yet Customer Support is not free and may not be appropriate if you are looking for quick answers.

Does it support prepaid phones?

There is a number of phones that Highster Mobile supports. All you need is to download and install the app. Then go to the Highster Mobile user control panel to access the target phone. Prepaid phones are supported.

Is the target phone telephone number required?

There is no need to have the target phone number to install Highster Mobile. Once you have installed the app, you can go to the Highster Mobile account login page from your browser. And you can monitor the target phone.

How to install Highster Mobile on iPhone no jailbreak?

As the free download is available, you can download the app on the iPhone. However, if there is no jailbreak, the app will work, but the user will not be able to monitor the target device.

Should the phone need a connection to the internet?

When you have purchased the subscription, you will get the Highster Mobile download link. You will need a data connection to check on the target phone. The app requires both devices to have an internet connection so it can sync the details of the target mobile.

How many devices can a user track with the software?

Highster Mobile spy app offers a single active license key for a single purchase. So, the user can track one device with a single license key. However, with more license keys, you can track as many devices as you want.

Best Highster Mobile Alternatives

If you’re looking for other spy apps with similar features, here are some you can consider.


mSpy Reviews – Monitor All Kid’s Online Activities Without Fuss

This app is one of the best mobile spy apps. mSpy offers complete phone monitoring and excellent customer support.

● iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is a great spy app with the same functions as Highster Mobile. With features like a keylogger, IM tracking, and so much more, this app works on both Android and iOS devices.


Another software that offers spying cell phones in stealth mode is iSpyoo. Its extensive features include cell phone location tracking and call recording, amongst others.

Is Highster Mobile Worth Buying?

It is an excellent monitoring app for parents and employers. With its powerful features, relatively affordable, and the one-time payment fee makes buying the app much more comfortable. From all we have seen about this monitoring software, it’s totally worth buying.


Quality vs. cost
User-friendly interface
Customer care team