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  1. What is iKeyMonitor app?
  2. Main Pros and Cons of iKeyMonitor
  3. Does iKeyMonitor Really Work?
  4. What features does iKeyMonitor app have?
  5. What Is the Installation Process for iKeyMonitor?
  6. How Much Does iKeyMonitor Cost?
  7. How does iKeyMonitor app work?
  8. What Devices Is iKeyMonitor Compatible With?
  9. Is it legal to use iKeyMonitor?
  10. iKeyMonitor Customer Reviews on Trustpilot
  11. iKeyMonitor Reviews on Sitejabber
  12. Best iKeyMonitor Alternatives 
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  14. Truth.Best team recommendations
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Are you a parent that wants to see who their child is messaging? Or maybe you’re curious about what your employees are saying or who your spouse is texting. If you fall into any one of these categories, a spy app is a perfect solution for you. However, with so many spy apps in the market, it can be challenging to find the right one. 

iKeyMonitor is one such spy app that has been around since 2012. It’s created by Easemon, and they’ve got both a UK and US office. Currently, iKeyMonitor has over 400,000 users in 100 countries worldwide. To help, I’ve done the research and put together a detailed review of the iKeyMonitor spy app. We’ll take a look at the pros and cons of the app, what devices it’s compatible with, and answer some frequently asked questions. 

At the end of this review, you should have a good idea of whether you’d like to purchase this spy app, or if you’d want to consider another one instead.

What is iKeyMonitor app?

iKeyMonitor app is developed for monitoring other devices. It’s known for its top grade parental control features and compatibility to Android and iOS devices. iKeyMonitor app provides its users with a wide range of useful spying features, including Geo-fencing, Geo-locating, monitoring SMS and instant messages, receiving call logs, keylogger, blocking applications and websites, restricting the time of the use, and so on.

This is a real catch for those parents who want to uncover all the truth about their children and protect them from bullies or pedophiles who try to involve them into sexting.

Main Pros and Cons of iKeyMonitor

Below is a snapshot of the pros and cons of using the iKeyMonitor spy app.


  • Comes with a 3-day free trial
  • Good keylogger features
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • You’ve got to jailbreak or root your device to access more extensive features
  • Relatively expensive
  • Basic spy app features
  • Below average customer service

Does iKeyMonitor Really Work?

Yes, iKeyMonitor does work. It’s a pretty good keylogger app that records keystrokes and passwords. Even though it’s an excellent keylogger app, it also has features of a cell phone spy app, such as being able to monitor activities, emails, social media apps, and web surfing history.

What features does iKeyMonitor app have?

iKeyMonitor app is one of the best spying applications providing users with high quality parental control features:

  • Call recording. This feature allows recording all the calls, including incoming and outgoing. In addition, you can look through all the information related to the phone calls, including time stamps and duration.
  • SMS messages spy. This feature allows reading all the text messages, viewing SMS chat history, message content, time staps, and so on.
  • Monitoring instant messages. iKeyMonitor app allows monitoring a wide range of instant messages, including WhatsApp, Viber, Hangouts, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram, and many others.
  • Viewing visited websites. This feature allows looking through URL history, including titles, URLs, date, and time stamps.
  • GPS tracking. Due to this feature, you are able to track all the locations previously visited by your kid and current whereabouts.
  • Keylloger. This feature allows catching every keystroke on the target device. By using it, you can get access to all the social networks of your kids.
  • Monitoring applications. By using this feature you are able to look through all the applications used by your underaged kid.
  • Scheduling. This feature allows setting up a schedule for the use of your kid’s device.
  • Blocking application. This feature is very useful for parental control software because it allows blocking applications and games used by your underaged kid at school.

What Is the Installation Process for iKeyMonitor?

The installation process for iKeyMonitor isn’t as straightforward as some other apps out there. To begin your iKeyMonitor installation process for the iPhone, you’d first need to consider whether you’d need to jailbreak the iPhone.

If you have to jailbreak the iPhone, you’d need to access the target device to install the iKeyMonitor iPhone spy app. To do so, you’d need to:

If you don’t have to jailbreak the iPhone, you’d need the target device’s iCloud ID and password. You’d also need to enable two-factor authentication and enable iCloud backup before you can track the device. No physical access to the device is required.

A similar process needs to be done for Android devices – you’d need to check if the device needs to be rooted. However, where it differs is that you would need to have access to the target device regardless.

For both rooted and non-rooted Android devices, you have to:

  • Download the iKeyMonitor Android software onto the target device.
  • Open it after installation is complete.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Log into your online dashboard and receive all tracked data.

How Much Does iKeyMonitor Cost?

To have access to basic features such as GPS location and contacts, iKeyMonitor is free. However, if you’d like to use the more advanced features, it would cost $9.99 for three days. Paying this additional amount would get you access to features such as:

  • Capturing screenshots.
  • Monitoring social media applications.
  • Remote configuration.
  • Remotely view logs online.
  • Access to Gmail.

If you’re looking to get all the features at once, you can purchase iKeyMonitor Full. It’ll cost you $29.16/month, which is $349.42/year. The price is the same for both Android and iPhone, and you’ll also have a 30-day money-back guarantee, though refunds are only made if the software is not working and not if individuals aren’t happy with the overall app.

How does iKeyMonitor app work?

After the installation of the iKeyMonitor app on your child’s device, it consumes all the necessary information from the target device and sends it to the live control in the form of logs. In such a way, you can supervise all the activities of your underaged child on their smartphone remotely without any menace to it. Here, an owner of the application can look through all the SMS, instant messages, the time and duration of the phone conversations, contacts, passwords to social networks, visited websites and so on. You can enter your control panel from any browser or device by typing your ID and password.

What Devices Is iKeyMonitor Compatible With?

The iKeyMonitor app is compatible with both iPhone/iPad and Android. If you’re planning on using the basic features of iKeyMonitor on your iPhone, you can use the target device’s iCloud credentials. However, if you’re looking to access more extensive features, you’d need to jailbreak your iPhone.

Similarly, if you’re just looking for basic features of iKeyMonitor on your Android, you won’t have to root your device. However, to unlock advanced features, you’d need to root it.

You can use iKeyMonitor spy app in order to monitor your underaged child. If you are going to monitor your employees, you need to inform them about monitoring and get their written permission. If you are going to spy on the target person secretly, you carry responsibility for this on your own according to the law of your country or region. If you want to find out details about the legality of the use of the Ikeymonitor application, you can visit your local attorney.

iKeyMonitor Customer Reviews on Trustpilot

Trustpilot XNSPY reviewsTo get a better idea of iKeyMonitor’s credibility, I’ve also taken a look at some iKeyMonitor customer reviews on Trustpilot.

Generally, iKeyMonitor has above average reviews for the features of their app. Customers mentioned that they could monitor what their children are doing on their phones, monitor the websites they’re looking at, and restrict app access.

However, there are bad reviews regarding customer service experiences and cancellation procedures. One customer mentioned that she continued to be charged for a full year even after she canceled her subscription.

Another mentioned that she reached out to customer service chat for some help, but they took forever to respond. When they did, the answers weren’t helpful, and customers had to just look at the installation guide.

iKeyMonitor Reviews on Sitejabber

Similar to Trustpilot, the reviews on Sitejabber are also mediocre. Those who provided good reviews mentioned that they’re satisfied with the app and the user experience of the Control Panel.

On the other hand, some customers have issues with customer service and refund policy. One customer mentioned that she’s been trying to get a refund for three months, but it hasn’t been successful. She also said that it was hard to get a hold of customer service, and they take a long time to respond.

Best iKeyMonitor Alternatives 

While the iKeyMonitor app has its pros, it’s not an app for everyone. Here are three other popular spy apps in the market that I recommend: 


If you’re looking for a spy app that’s been around for a while and is credible, you’d want to check out mSpy. It has received plenty of fantastic reviews and comes at an affordable price. Best of all, mSpy has a plethora of features to suit all needs, and you can test it all out by utilizing their free trial. 

In comparison to iKeyMonitor, mSpy has excellent customer service. It’s the only company to provide 24/7 customer support, and they even personalized customer assistance on the phone with step-by-step guidance. Other great things about mSpy include an easy-to-use interface, straightforward installation process, and access to comprehensive reports. 


One of the more affordable spy apps out there is SpyBubble. While it doesn’t have as many features, it’s an excellent app for those who want to spy on an Android phone without rooting or unlocking it. 

While it doesn’t work with iPhones, it’s a great app for Android phones and comes with useful features such as social media monitoring, viewing call logs, spying on text messages, and recording phone calls. 


If you’re looking for an app with a call interception feature, you’d want to consider FlexiSPY. The app allows you to record and listen to phone calls secretly, but you’d have to root or jailbreak the target phone to install the app. 

However, once you’ve done that, you’ll have access to some great features. You can record the phone’s surroundings, activate the camera, and take a picture from the phone, and record phone calls. Compared to other apps, it is quite expensive, so that’s something you’d need to consider. 


Can iKeyMonitor Be Detected?

For Androids, the iKeyMonitor icon will be shown on the Android status bar and app drawer upon installation. To remove it, you’ll have to disable it from settings. The same goes for jailbroken iPhones. For non-jailbroken iPhones, iKeyMonitor is hidden, so you won’t have to download it on the target device. 

Can iKeyMonitor Be Installed Remotely?

The iKeyMonitor spy app can only be installed remotely on iPhones if you have access to the iCloud ID and password. If not, you would need to have access to the target device. For Android phones, you need to have access to the device regardless. 

Does iKeyMonitor Have a Free Version?

Yes, there is an iKeyMonitor free version. However, you’ll only have access to basic features. In order to use more advanced features, you would need to pay for it. 

Where to Download iKeyMonitor? 

You’ll have to download iKeyMonitor through the website. You’ll start by creating an account, and then you can log in to the dashboard with your emailed credentials and add devices that you’d like to monitor. 

Do I Recommend iKeyMonitor? 

The iKeyMonitor app does come with some great features, and the free trial is also a bonus. All in all, if you’re looking for an app that comes with basic features and you’re technologically savvy, iKeyMonitor is the app for you.

However, if you’re looking for an app that comes with an extensive range of features, it’s not a great app. Not only do you have to pay a hefty sum of money to upgrade to the advanced features, but it also doesn’t have as many features as some other apps out there. Installing the app can also be quite complicated, and if you run into any issues, you’ll have to reach out to the company’s below-average customer service. My take is that plenty of other apps out there are better than iKeyMonitor, so it’s best to give this app a miss.

Truth.Best team recommendations

Truth.Best team recommends using iKeyMonitor application as parental control software or in business purposes. Due to its compatibility with Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, it can be used for monitoring any device or laptop. First of all, it lures users with its multifunctionality, the combination of affordable prices and high quality, and a vast list of monitoring and blocking features that allow supervising your underage child completely.

Let’s consider the main benefits of iKeyMonitor spy app:

  • Keylogger. Unlike a huge number of spying applications, iKeyMonitor spy app provides users with a possibility to track every keystroke typed on the target device.
  • 24/ 7 Live chat support. You will get answers to all your questions regarding the use of the iPhone, iPad and Android option.
  • Viewing logs is accessible locally on the device,  in a LAN network, remotely by Online Cloud Account, email or an optional online FTP account.
  • Multi-language support. iKeyMonitor records keystrokes in your native language wherever you are.
  • 3-day Free Trial for every user. You can try all the spying features of the application before purchasing it.
  • Presentation of actual screen activities as a slideshow. You can view different activities performed by your target person on the device in the form of slideshow.

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User-friendly interface
Customer care team
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