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  1. What is Interguard?
  2. How does Interguard work?
  3. What features does Interguard have?
  4. How do I install Interguard?
  5. Is it legal to use Interguard?
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Have you ever thought about why it’s so important to control your employees? According to statistics, 70 percent of security incidents occur internally. In addition, 59 percent of employees share confident sensitive information with their next employers. Around 600 000 laptops are lost or stolen per year in the USA with only 3% recovered. Therefore in order to prevent different security incidents and protect sensitive information from your competitors, you need to use the best spying software.

What is Interguard?

The Interguard app is one of the best spying software providing users with top grade spying features. This is a top grade software solution developed for monitoring employees’ activity, data loss prevention, and incident response. Using this application, you are always aware of all the activities performed by your employees whether they work from their workplace or remotely.

All the activities of the employees are recorded on the endpoint even if the network is absent. The Interguard app gathers all the data performed by your employees, analyzes it and creates logs, alerts, playback, audit trails and behavioral benchmarking.

How does Interguard work?

The Interguard application records all the enterprise computer activity makes that data readable for searches, reports, and alerts. In addition, it sets up policies and controls for data access, also blocks unauthorized processes. This control covers which users and apps have access to confidential data and files, where they can send these data and by which channels these data can be sent. In addition, the application analyzes data to expose DLP policy violations and blocks DLP violations automatically.

Interguard software enables enhancing employee productivity due to the use of Internet content filtering. Interguard software solution allows setting block on inappropriate or entertaining content, including porn, gambling, videos, social networks, shopping sites, and so on.

The Interguard application allows simply downloading licenses remotely over your network by applying the NetDeploy tool providing the integration with your Active Directory. Owners of the application can use the Interguard cloud infrastructure in order to adjust settings and monitor reports. By using the Interguard cloud, it’s not necessary to set up any hardware.

What features does Interguard have?

Let’s consider all the best spying features provided by the Interguard application:

  • Spying on users` activities. The feature allows recording all the users` activities on the endpoint regardless of the network. All activities are analyzed and result in alerts, playback, audit trails and behavioral benchmarking.
  • Tracking file activity. This feature allows monitoring which files employees create, delete or change and preventing them from deletion or modification without permission.
  • Analyzing users’ behavior. Using this feature, employers are able to create a benchmark of acceptable activity. In the case of the excess of the benchmark, the Interguard application creates notifications.
  • Web and URL filtering. This allows enhancing employee’s productivity due to the recording and filtering of web activity.
  • Sensitive data discovery allows finding, blocking, and reporting on sensitive data stored on local drives, including remote laptops.
  • Supervising application and programs. This feature allows application and programs filtering. In addition, using this feature, employers can specify risky applications and expose compliance violations.
  • Remote control of files. After stealing or losing a laptop, the Interguard application allows deleting all the sensitive information from the stolen laptop remotely.
  • Endpoint Lockdown. This feature makes it possible to secure a laptop in a potential breach situation. If it’s necessary, an owner of the application can delete, retrieve, or lockdown sensitive data.

How do I install Interguard?

In order to go through the installation process successfully, you need to follow several easy steps:

Step 1. Initially, you need to buy license(s) or sign up for Free Trial in order to test all the monitoring features provided by the Interguard application. This will enable creating your own web-based account.
Step 2. After creating an account, you are able to download the agents. You can deploy an application remotely for 10 licenses or more.
Step 3. After deployment, you can monitor your employees remotely. From the InterGuard console, you are able to get reports of your employees’ activities and perform policy control.

The private policy of the Interguard application requires permission from the users whose devices you are going to monitor. If you have an intention to monitor your employees, you need to inform them about your monitoring.  In order to enable proper use, a user needs to have both physical and password access to the monitored computer.

If you don’t match all these requirements, this can result in breaking Federal and State laws. Any allegations of misuse will be detected by authorities in the cooperation with Awareness Technologies. In case of breaking requirements, Interguard stops the license without warning or refund. When you have specific circumstances, you’d better consult legal counsel.

Truth.Best team recommendations

Truth.Best team recommends using the Interguard application in order to provide your employees and workspace with a high level of security. Due to the monitoring and blocking features, an owner of the application can save their sensitive data in case of the loss or theft of the laptop. In addition, this is a very useful and powerful application, when you need to control creation, deletion or modification of the data.

It allows supervising all the activities of your employees and ensures the growth of their productivity by blocking inappropriate content, including gambling, porn, videos, social networks, shopping sites, and so on.

The Interguard app provides users with a huge number of benefits:

  • Full compatibility with Windows, Mac, Citrix, VMware, Android, iOS, and operating systems both  32 and 64 bit;
  • A wide range of monitoring and blocking features that enable a high level of data security;
  • Easy installation;
  • Free Trial;
  • Demo option;
  • Works on and off network.

Today, this is the most powerful monitoring software for the use in corporate purposes.

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