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  1. What Is KidLogger App?
  2. How Does KidLogger Work?
  3. What Features Does KidLogger Have?
  4. How To Install KidLogger?
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Parental control tool is one of the essentials for modern parents. The useful app can track the child’s location, notify parents of check-ins and check-outs of the kid and allow to supervise the conversations on social media apps.

Various parental controls cover a different set of features. Check this KidLogger review to discover what this app can offer you.

What Is KidLogger App?

The idea of developing the tool, which would help parents supervise everything their kids do online isn’t new. Many creators have already succeeded in providing smartphone monitoring services. The aim of producing powerful parental software is to protect kids from harmful technology and social media effects.

KidLogger, owned by SafeJKA S.R.L., also perceive such purpose. The software is designed for the supervision of the mobile phone activities of the underage kids. KidLogger is compatible with Android, iOS, BlackBerry devices and runs perfectly on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Let’s find out how the KidLogger software works and what activity can it monitor.

How Does KidLogger Work?

The KidLogger app monitors the data on the target device, which is the mobile phone, tablet or laptop of your child. Then app transfers the found info to the user’s online account. For a detailed description of how to use the KidLogger app scan the stages below.

Stage 1 – Preparing

Before installing the KidLogger software on the target device, you need to register your account at Kidlogger.net. Make sure to keep your KidLogger login credentials: you will need them to enter your online account.

Stage 2 – Setting up

Installation and setup of the KidLogger app require minimum efforts. You need to have the target device near during the process.

Stage 3 – Collecting data

KidLogger starts collecting activity logs instantly after the setup. To check the logs, you need to log in to your online account. The KidLogger will keep all the found data here. You can enter and check for the updates.

Which data will be collected? Examine the features offered by KidLogger to discover what information can you track with the help of the app.

What Features Does KidLogger Have?

    • Parental Time Control

KidLogger features the stand-alone Parental Time Control app, which can help parents manage time their children spend on their Android mobile phones. Setting limits, you can prevent your child from overusing the device.

    • Browsing history

Parents can discover what websites their kids visit on their mobile phones. KidLogger collects the browsing data and transfers it right to your account for supervision. Unfortunately, the feature is unavailable for iOS devices.

    • Photo Gallery Insights

If you ever wanted to get a sneak peek into a photo gallery of your kid, you can do that with KidLogger. The app copies the pictures stored in the gallery to user’s online account.

    • Used Apps Statistics

KidLogger provides detailed info on the mobile applications used by your child. You can find out how much time they spend chatting with friends or playing games.

    • Incoming/Outgoing Calls Tracker

With calls tracker feature from KidLogger, you can stay on top of your child’s conversations. The app tracks call history with the timestamps for every incoming and outgoing call.

It’s not the complete list of features offered by KidLogger. The monitoring options available depend on the subscription and platform you want to use the software on.

How To Install KidLogger?

To install the KidLogger app, you need to register your account firstly. You will then receive a confirmation letter to your e-mail. It will contain download link and link to your dashboard (online account). Follow the dashboard link. You will see available subscription packages:

Choose the package preferred and proceed to the checkout. When your payment processor confirms the payment, you will be able to download and install the KidLogger. Download the KidLogger apk file and install it on the target device. Make sure to enable installation from unknown sources.

Then open the zip file with password 12345. Launch the app and go to Settings. Customize all the features you need and enable the monitoring by tapping Start.

KidLogger representatives claim there is a difference between their software and actual spyware. If spyware is illegal, it is absolutely legal to use KidLogger app. Under the legal use of the app it is implied:

  • The person agrees to be monitored
  • You own the device you intend to track
  • You plan to supervise the activity of your underage child

If you want to use the KidLogger app for other purposes except those mentioned above, your activity will be recognized as spying. The majority of laws prohibits spying. So, make sure you apply the KidLogger for legal purposes only.

Truth.Best Team Recommendations

Summing up, let’s look through the KidLogger pros and cons list.

Quality vs. cost
User-friendly interface
Customer care team
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