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Today, it’s very important to protect teen children while you are not around them. And you can never be sure that your children are in safe without high level protection. So, how to provide your children with a high level of security without physical access to their smartphone? Is it possible?

In order to protect your children with a high level of protection and driving safety, you just need to install life360 app on their device. Let’s consider what opportunities it provides to its customers.

What is life360 app?

Life360 is a high quality tracking app and convenient communication tool. This application allows you to track your close people’s location, including girlfriend/ boyfriend, parents or children in the most convenient way.

On the first face, it seems to be creepy to track your close people’s whereabouts. However, it’s a very useful function providing customers with very useful information. In addition, by using this application you can communicate with your relatives via easy-to-use and convenient chat and share the most important moments in your life with you close people without sharing them with all the world.

Sometimes, you don’t want to share photos and videos with your friends, for instance, but you want to send photos only to your mom.  Life360 app provides you with a great possibility to do this in the most convenient way.

How does life360 app work?

Life360 app resembles Apple’s Find my Friends by its functionality. It’s the best alternative to this application while you want to be connected to the members of your family all the time. It allows sharing your location with other members of your family and tracking your members if it’s necessary.

As compared to Find my Friends app, life360 app offers more functionality and can join friends whether they are owners of Android or iPhone device. Also, Life360 has recently added a new function. Your relatives get an alert notification in the case of an accident. This will enable you additional protection.

Crash Detection feature works in such a way:

Sensors of the Life360 app detect collisions over 25mph at the moment when they happen. After that, Life360 app’s workers connect with a driver or passenger. The ambulance goes to the place of accident if Life360 app’s agents don’t get a response for their call. After that, Life360 notifies every member of your family about the accident and Emergency Contacts too, if it’s necessary.

What features does life360 app have?

Life360 app provides its customers with a list of useful features. Let’s consider them in details!

Drive detection is the latest feature that was added to the functionality of the Life360 app. It provides drivers with very useful information, including a report of top speed, drive duration, a map of the trip, and so on. If you have a paid subscription, members of your family will be notified if you are in the accident. The subscription costs only $6.99 a month that is very cheap while you get all of that plus roadside assistance. This is a great decision for parents who want to supervise their driving children and get to know more about at what speed they are driving and whether they make sudden stops or no.

Drive detection provides you and your children with a high level of driving protection. If you are a happy owner of the paid subscription, you will be notified by immediate alerts if one of the members of your family is in the accident. In addition, an agent of the app calls to you and checks whether it is an accident or no and if it’s true, they send an ambulance to the location of the accident immediately.

Arriving and leaving notifications

One more useful feature of the Life360 app is arriving and leaving notifications. Life360 app allows you to set notifications when one of your family’s members arrives home, at work, or at the supermarket. With a free subscription, you can set three locations. If you want to set more locations, you need to purchase a paid subscription. This is a great decision for people who want to save their time asking each other questions about where their girlfriend/boyfriend is at the moment and whether he/she leaves work or no. This is a very convenient way to keep an eye on the movements of your close people.

How do I install life360 app?

Life360 app protects all the members of your family and provides them with a high level of safety while they are moving from one location to another one. After purchasing and installation of the application, you need to adjust settings and add all the family’s members to your account in order to get information about their movements, arriving and leaving a place. The first step you need to do is to tap on the “+” sign at your image at the bottom of the screen.

After that, you need to add information about your family’s members and send. Members of your family or friends need to join to the account. For this, they need to open the invite email or text you sent. Also, they need to select an email and password to log in the account. If you want to get updates from your family’s members on a regular basis, make sure that you don’t log out of the app.

Life360 manages a service that enables sending messages and sharing your location with other members of your family or friends. Life360 collects and applies your location data and additional information. The company anonymizes and aggregates all data to ensure its privacy. Life360 mays share encrypted information about location data with third parties to investigate location and movement trends.

In addition, Life360 shares your location data with Arity. Arity’s data analytics provide users with secure and well-protected accounts and instant feedback about the movements of your family’s members and friends directly on your account via Life360 application.

Truth.Best team recommendations

Truth.Best team recommends Life360 as the best alternative option for Find my Friends by Apple. It provides customers with more features. Also, one of the main benefits of this app is that you can track locations of people whether they have iPhone or Android. This is a real catch for worrying parents who care about their teen children and want to keep them safe while they are driving or just moving from one place to another one, which is more than Find my Friends app.

Life360 app provides customers with additional features including calling the ambulance in a case of the accident and messaging all the members of the family about the accident. So, if you are a worrying parent, this is a must-have, also it fits an occasional check-in.

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