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  1. How Does Minspy Work?
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With every passing day, we see new spy apps introduced to the markets with unique features and functionalities. However, this is not the case with Minspy, a new app that’s being marketed as innovative software. If you’re looking to try out a new app that takes a unique approach to spy, you won’t find that in Minspy.

As we will see in this Minspy review, rather than being an innovative spy app, Minspy is just another clone of old, underdeveloped spy apps like Cocospy and Spyic. The creators simply repackaged these old apps with a fresh label and interface, but beyond the surface, the app comes with the same banes of their older versions.

But we won’t leave you hanging with this unfortunate news in this Minspy review. We’ll show you authentic alternatives to Minspy that actually live up to their bill.


How Does Minspy Work?

If you’re familiar with Cocospy, Spyic, and other similar apps, you won’t find anything new in how Minspy works. Like the former apps, Minspy is marketed as a spy app that monitors Android and iOS devices.

According to the creators, it’s a web-based app that allows customers to deploy various spy features via a web interface. They also claim the app operates inconspicuously, enabling you to track various types of data on a target phone with stealth operations. For iOS devices, the app intercepts the iCloud sync process of the target phone. In contrast, Android devices are tracked through a Minspy Android app that disappears into the target device’s background from where it siphons data to the user’s web-based interface.

Some key features of the Minspy include a real-time location tracker with a virtual 3D map of the target’s location, geofencing, and SIM logger, which notifies you when the SIM card in the target phone is switched out.

The creators also claim that the app is highly secure and doesn’t store the user’s data or their targets on a remote server.

How to Install Minspy?

Another thing that casts aspersions on the authenticity of Minspy is the striking similarity between the app’s installation steps and those of the other similar apps. There are similarities not only in the action sequence of their installation process but also in the graphics seen in each step. The action sequence is as follows:

  1. Sign up for an account on Minspy’s official site, after which you’ll need to choose a suitable subscription plan and then confirm your subscription.
  2. Receive a confirmation email containing links to the app’s set-up wizard, which is quite similar to those of the other apps. 
  3. Enter the target’s iCloud credentials in the set-up wizard if you’re opting for the Minspy iPhone spy app. For Android phones, you’ll need to download and install the app on the target phone. 

But you’ll find that the wordings and the background of the set-up instructions and Minspy login are quite similar across all the apps, and that raises a big question about the authenticity and originality of Minspy.

How Much Does Minspy Cost?

Minspy comes in various subscription packages that give you access to a unique set of spy features and functions for either iOS or Android devices over a certain duration. The price range starts from the basic package, which costs $39.99 per month for Android and $49.99 for iOS, and gives you access to your target’s activities on several social media platforms.

The basic and family packages cost $49.99 per month and $69.99 per month, respectively, for Android and $99.9 per month (both packages) for iOS and promise more inclusive ranges of spying features. 

Is Minspy Free?

The creators have adopted a free live demo trial as a marketing scheme to promote the app. Not much is known about the live demo details, except that it allows you to try out some of the app’s features on one device. Beyond this, you’ll have to pay something upfront to use the app.

Here’s a breakdown of the app’s pricing:

Minspy Android Pricing

Subscription Type Pricing Features Method of installation Number of devices
Basic $39.99 per month Call Logs, Location (Real-Time), Browser History, Photos, Text Messages, Contacts, Bookmarks, Videos preview, Social media apps


No rooting; it requires access to the target phone 1
Premium $49.99/Month


Call Logs, Location (Real-Time), Apps List, Browser History, SIM Card Location, SIM Card Alert, Photos, Messengers, Text Messages, Contacts, Calendar Activities, Bookmarks, Keylogger No rooting; it requires physical access to the target phone 1
Family $69.99 per month Call Logs,  Location (Real-Time),  App List, Browser History, SIM Card Location, SIM Card Alert, Photos, Social media apps, Text Messages, Contacts, Calendar Activities, Bookmarks, Videos Preview, Keylogger


No rooting; it requires physical access to the target phone 3


Minspy iOS Pricing 

Type of subscription Pricing Features Method of installation Number of devices
Premium $49.99 per month Contacts, Call Logs, Messages, iMessage, Location (Real-Time), Photos and Videos, Browser History, Calendars, LINE, WhatsApp, Installed applications iCloud login credentials of the target phone required 1
Family $99.99 per month Contacts, Call Logs, Messages, iMessage, Location (Real-Time), Browser History, Calendars, Photos,  WhatsApp, LINE, Installed Applications, Photos, Videos


iCloud login credentials of the target phone required 5
Business $399.99 per month Contacts, Call Logs, Messages, iMessage, Location (Real-Time), Browser History, Calendars, Photos, WhatsApp, LINE, Installed Applications, Photos, Videos


iCloud login credentials of the target phone required 25


Minspy — Attack of the Clones

As we’ve seen so far, there’s hardly anything unique about Minspy. Such a disingenuous product reeks of fraudulence. It’s disingenuous for the creators to charge a premium price for something that merely replicates the features and functions of other preexisting low-quality apps’ features and functions. 

The older apps already have their fair share of drawbacks, and the creators of Minspy did not think of eliminating these drawbacks in their new products. Instead, they put up a pathetic effort to replicate the old apps with all their flaws and charge a premium for a supposed innovative product.

Minspy Alternatives

Here are some of the best alternatives you should consider in place of Minspy:


One of the longest-standing spy apps, mSpy is our foremost recommendation for Minspy alternatives. mSpy packs a punch of expedient spy features that give you a perfect chance of uncovering important secrets on your target’s phone.

In fact, the app’s array of features is unparalleled. With mSpy, you’re always a few clicks away from viewing your target’s call logs, SMS, social media activities, browsing activities, physical location, key presses, and a whole lot more. What’s more, all these features come at a competitive price and with reliable 24/7 technical support.


Another spy app that has built a solid reputation throughout the years, XNSPY is excellent spyware with an impressive range of spy features. It comes with features for monitoring calls, text messages, social media activities, location, and lots more. The app also provides excellent parental control features, giving parents remote control over the features and functions their kids can access on their phones. It’s also very affordable with various subscription plans that provide suitable sets of features for specific types of spying campaigns.


FlexiSPY is a high-end spy app, but the price is well worth the functions and features it provides. It’s one of the few apps that allow you to listen to your target’s phone conversations and record their conversations in live meetings through remote mic activation. The app provides an excellent combination of both advanced features like a keylogger, remote camera capture, and stealth operation, as well as basic spying features like social media monitoring, browser tracker, and lots more. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what the creators of Minspy have really been up to, you have no excuse to fall for their scam. The app is a pathetic replica of some low-quality spy apps that have a bad reputation. It’s most likely a fly-by-night product created by developers who’re out to make quick bucks and who’ll most likely come up with another pathetic product once they realize the public is on to their games with Minspy.

We’ve also shown you alternatives to Minspy like mSpy that have a solid reputation and have helped countless customers across all corners of the world gain critical information about people around them.



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