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  1. What Is MobiPast Monitoring?
  2. What Features Does MobiPast Have?
  3. How to Install MobiPast on Android and iOS?
  4. MobiPast Compatibility
  5. Why Choosing MobiPast Is a Good Idea?
  6. Conclusion
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MobiPast Review: Can You Trust It for Phone Tracking?

The Internet is a scary place, with several kinds of explicit content present everywhere we look. These days, it can be hard to trust a child with a phone. Pornography and violent content can be found with the click of a button on a web page. This is why it is essential to be able to track the activities of a child while in the digital space.

Fortunately, with the advent of spy apps, you can monitor your child or partner’s activities. Forcing your partner to show you the contents of their phone will only cause harm to a relationship, which is why the MobiPast application – a spy app – is the best solution for you. There are several MobiPast reviews on the Internet today, but here is a review based on personal usage.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into the subject; what is MobiPast? And why should you use it?

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What Is MobiPast Monitoring?

MobiPast Monitoring is a phone monitoring app that is available to Android and iPhone users. The application is useful in tracking any device’s activities, whether it is an iPhone or an Android. While using MobiPast, the target will not have the slightest idea of your break-in because the application works completely in stealth mode.

However, it is required that you get one-time access to the target’s phone, as this will enable you to install the app on their phone and monitor their activities from your own phone.

You could choose to use MobiPast for many reasons; as earlier mentioned, you could choose MobiPast to monitor your child’s activities on the Internet and social media. By monitoring their activities, you, as a parent, for example, will be able to hold difficult conversations with your children, making them understand that not everything on the Internet is right.

Furthermore, employers could use MobiPast to review the activities of their employees while they are at work. This could be used to gauge productivity and see which employees are going the extra mile.

Also, the MobiPast application could be used to monitor the activities of your partner. Rather than confront your partner about your suspicions, why not use the MobiPast app to go through their phone and satisfy your curiosity?

MobiPast gives you control over your loved ones and employees’ activities, which would surely help you make more informed decisions.

What Features Does MobiPast Have?

Android MobiPast and iPhone MobiPast apps come with a number of unique features, which includes:

  • Reading messages. With MobiPast, you can read the incoming and outgoing text messages on the phone of the target.
  • Checking call history and logs. Do you want to know who your target calls the most? MobiPast can show you the 5 most-popular callers on the phone of your target.
  • Viewing browsing history. This comes in handy when you want to monitor the activities of your child. You can see all the visited websites, most visited sites, downloads, and even timestamps. Interestingly, if your child is visiting a website you deem inappropriate, you can also block access.
  • Tracking the location of the target’s phone. MobiPast works with the in-built GPS on the phone of your target and can give you the location of the device, plus the location history if you need it.
  • Checking the contact book. This spy app also gives you the chance to steal a sneak into the target’s contact book.

How to Install MobiPast on Android and iOS?

To install MobiPast on an Android phone, you do not need to root the target’s phone. All you have to do is gain one-time access to the target’s phone and then install the app. As soon as you complete the installation, the app will disappear and only work in stealth mode, which means that the target will have no idea of its existence. To gain access, log in to your MobiPast application on your phone, and you are good to go.

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To install it on an iOS device, all you have to do is get the iCloud credentials of the target and input it into your phone’s MobiPast application. After you have done this, you will be granted access and see all the necessary details on the target’s phone.

MobiPast Compatibility

MobiPast will work perfectly on an iOS device and will do the same on an Android device. This means there is an APK MobiPast and a MobiPast for iOS.

Why Choosing MobiPast Is a Good Idea?

MobiPast is one of the best spy apps available out there; first and foremost, it does not require you to root the phone of your target. It also has a straightforward UI, which is extremely easy to navigate. Coupled with these, MobiPast has a very fast and easy installation process, which can be completed in a few minutes. You can also contact the customer care service for complaints, inquiries, and queries. If you have made the decision to use a spy app, MobiPast is your best option.

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With MobiPast, you can easily spy on anyone and monitor their phones from yours without having to pay extravagant fees. However, you should remember that phone monitoring is not legal in every part of the world, making it essential to do proper research before getting a spy app.