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  1. What Is Net Nanny App?
  2. How Does Net Nanny Work?
  3. What Features Does Net Nanny Have?
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As children get more acquainted with the Internet, the possibility that they come across inappropriate content increases. Whether it is an offensive pop-up or an explicit video someone sent them – many children get exposed to the adult-oriented material unintentionally.

But, it is possible to prevent early exposure by using powerful content filtering and blocking software. Net Nanny is the parental control software, which applies an Internet filter to check the online content. Continue reading our Net Nanny review to find out more about this monitoring solution.

What Is Net Nanny App?

Net Nanny is the parental control software, which works on many devices. It is compatible with Android and iOS and allows you to keep track kid’s online activities. Moreover, it runs on Windows, Mac and even Kindle Fire to ensure full control of the content the child may be exposed to.

Unrestricted access to anything on the Internet is what parents are most concerned about. Net Nanny promises to detect dangerous websites and block them on the kid’s device. It also allows you to manage screen time. So, you can determine limits and choose the appropriate time for the device use. Keep reading to find out more about Net Nanny features.

How Does Net Nanny Work?

Net Nanny applies a filtering technology to analyze and examine the content of the websites continually. Thus, the kids won’t be able to access the dangerous, adult-oriented sites and sites, which contain offensive language.

Net Nanny categorizes all websites considering the age of the users. You can choose, which category would be appropriate for the child or create a custom category with personal white- and blacklists.

Net Nanny allows parents to set restrictions regarding the content their children view. You can deny access to any website you consider inappropriate. Net Nanny also provides an opportunity to increase your kid’s productivity by blocking social media and other sites during specific hours a day.

What Features Does Net Nanny Have?

Net Nanny aims to keep the inappropriate and adult-oriented content away from the kids. The Net Nanny app ensures the safety of your kids online by offering such features:

Screen Time Management

The majority of youngsters love playing mobile games and chatting with friends. Being busy with their favorite activities they lose track of time. Net Nanny helps to control the kid’s device use and manage the time they spend scrolling. Make sure your kid has a productive day by allowing or blocking Internet use during specific hours.

Content Filtering

Net Nanny analyzes each category of websites to define whether it is age-appropriate or not. Your child won’t be able to view the content that falls under the adult category. Net Nanny blocks unsafe content by default, but you can also modify the filter settings and allow or restrict access to specific type of material.

Pornography Blocking

Although sometimes children do search for inappropriate content on the Internet, most of them get exposed to adult material unintentionally. Net Nanny detects and blocks the pornographic material, so the young user won’t be able to view the mature content.

Alerts And Notifications

Net Nanny keeps parents informed on all sorts of activities of their kids. As soon as you set up the Net Nanny app on the kid’s device you will be able to receive notifications on every week’s activity, top blocked domains and the list of website categories blocked the most.

How Do I Install Net Nanny?

To get started with Net Nanny, you need to purchase their subscription package. After your purchase is confirmed, you can proceed to install and setup Net Nanny.

To install the Net Nanny app on the kid’s mobile device, you need to download it from Google Play on Android device and App Store on the iPhone. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the Net Nanny mobile app on the smartphone of your child.

If you want to use Net Nanny on your child’s laptop or computer, you need to download the compatible version of Net Nanny. Make sure to disable any anti-virus that is running on the kid’s Windows or Mac computer, to prevent it from interrupting Net Nanny installation. After installation is complete, you can turn the anti-virus back on.

Unfortunately, there is no information on the Net Nanny’s website whether the software is legal to use or not. But we can suppose that anyone who wants to use Net Nanny needs to have the consent of the owner of the device monitored. If you have any doubts considering the legal use of Net Nanny app, it’s better to consult your legal advisor.

Truth.Best Team Recommendations

Net Nanny is an effective monitoring solution aimed at creating a safe online space for all young users. But, the features they offer are not worth the money paid.

Since their Net Nanny Social, became unavailable, Net Nanny lost many of their customers. The Social version of the app allowed to track kid’s activities on the list of social media platforms. It helped parents to find out who their kids text with and what things they share.

Now Net Nanny covers only content filtering and blocking features. It does help to manage screen time and limit the exposure to online risks for kids, but it lacks many other helpful features. If you want to know your kid’s real-time location and track social media apps activity, Net Nanny is not the tool for you.


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