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There is no more valuable thing in life than a family. We share home with the people we love, we support each other at different stages of our lives, and most importantly we care for each other. That’s what often family means. However, sometimes family is also about sleepless nights you spend when your beloved one is not safe.

Luckily, some mobile apps can help you to get peace of mind. As long as you have parental control app installed, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your family. If you are new to this monitoring software community, we can help you to decide on the best parental control app. Continue reading this OurPact app review to find out more about this family locator.

What Is OurPact App?

OurPact is the parenting app that covers GPS locator and device management features. OurPact is designed for all worrisome parents who want to make sure their kids are safe throughout a day.

The OurPact app allows you to control the screen time on the kid’s device and set rules for different types of mobile apps. As the children are often distracted by mobile games and social media apps, the OurPact app helps parents to reduce distractions and ensure their kid’s focus.

How Does OurPact Work?

OurPact is installed on the device of your child to ensure a safer digital experience for a child. The kid’s device needs to be connected to your OurPact account. That’s why you need to pair up the mobile phone of your child with personal OurPact parent profile.

To complete pairing, you need to obtain direct access to the child’s device. It usually takes a couple of minutes. After the smartphone is connected to OurPact account, you can manage it right from parent OurPact app, which you need to install on your device. You can also control the kid’s mobile activities from the Web panel on ourpact.com.

What Features Does OurPact Have?

The OurPact app has not many features, but all of them require setup to work correctly. Here is the brief overview of the OurPact features and a quick description of how you can set up them:

App Organizer

OurPact helps parents to make sure every app is in the right place on their kid’s device. With App Organizer turned off, your child won’t be able to delete any app on their smartphone.

Quick setup: Open OurPact Jr. on kid’s device and tap App Organizer. Turn on the feature and organize the apps manually. You can also create folders to make the homepage look more systematic.

App Rules

Apparently, the most useful feature of all the set. App rules allow parents to manage the apps use according to the following categories: always blocked, always allowed and blocked by schedule.

Quick setup: Go to OurPact parent app and tap the App Rules tab. The list of installed apps will appear. Select the category for every app to control the kid’s mobile activity.

Family Locator

Family Locator is one of the requested features of OurPact as it helps to get to know the kid’s current location. You can also create geofences to receive immediate alerts when your child reaches home from school.

Quick setup: Make sure the location services are turned on Always in the settings of your kid’s device. As location tracking requires internet connection, check if the device has mobile data. Then go to your Web panel and click the locator icon. Switch on the Family Locator.

Screen Time Allowance

With Screen Time Allowance parents can help reduce distractions and boost the productivity of their kids. The feature allows you to limit the daily screen time for your child.

Quick setup:  Go to your Web panel and select the Allowance tab in the child’s profile. Here set the screen time limits for each day and confirm.

Side note: the remaining allowed time won’t be added to the next day.

Web Filter

Web Filter from OurPact blocks any webpage, which contains adult-oriented material. It helps parents to create a more risk-free online environment for the children.

Quick setup: You can set up web filters from your Android OurPact app or Web panel. Go to your child’s profile and select the Restrictions tab. Here switch Block Adult Content on.

We have outlined the most helpful OurPact features. The app also has Time Manual Blocks and Grants, which impose some additional rules on the device use.

How Do I Install OurPact?

There are two apps you need to install: OurPact and OurPact Jr. The first one is the parent application, which needs to be installed on your own phone. Use OurPact parent app to set app rules and screen time allowances and manage the kid’s activity.

OurPact Jr. is the app designed for child’s devices. You need to install it on the kid’s smartphone to let it control what’s going on the device.

You can find both apps, OurPact and OurPact Jr., on Google Play. Download and install the applications following the on-screen instructions to ensure flawless work of the OurPact parental controls.

You can legally use OurPact to manage the mobile activities of your underage child. You can’t install and use OurPact on any other device without the owner’s awareness of it and written consent.

Truth.Best Team Recommendations

OurPact is not bad parental control option for parents who want to try it. But if you are looking for a more advanced monitoring tool, you will enjoy the versatile spy apps more.

What adds more to the disadvantages of OurPact is that Apple has removed the app from the App Store due to the screen time release. Now, iOS users need to re-install the app on all mobile devices.

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