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  1. What is Phonesheriff app?
  2. How does Phonesheriff app work?
  3. What features does Phonesheriff app have?
  4. How do I install Phonesheriff app?
  5. Is it legal to use Phonesheriff?
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Have you ever thought about top-grade protection of your child from uncontrolled content on their smartphone or tablet? Currently, there is a huge amount of content that can abuse a child’s mind. Therefore, every parent wants to protect their child from harmful content that contains strong language, violence, porn, and so on. If you are a caring parent and want to know which websites and apps your child uses, you need to learn Phonesheriff app, that provides your child with high-level protection. Phonesheriff app is a real catch for provident parents.

What is Phonesheriff app?

Let’s consider what Phonesheriff app is in details, which benefits and possibilities it provides its owners with, and how it works. PhoneSheriff is a new trend in the world of parental control software developed especially for mobile devices. It provides parents with a wide range of abilities including monitoring, controlling your child’s device, blocking certain content and calls, the establishment of filters, GPS tracking, and others.

How does Phonesheriff app work?

All you need to do is to install an app on your child’s device. When setting up this app on your child’s device, it blocks all the content that you have specified as a forbidden one. Additionally, you will receive logs about all the manipulations that your child does.

You have a possibility to turn on a device notification about all the actions that your child performs. When turning on these notifications, your child will be informed about monitoring their smartphone due to the appearance of a tamper-proof icon on the screen. As an option, you can turn it off.

You will receive all notifications about all the monitored activities of your child on your PhoneSheriff account. In order to look through all the notifications, you need just to log into your PhoneSheriff account. After this, you will be able to be aware of all the activities that you choose to access. All the reports are well sorted and divided into different categories to simplify your parental control.

What features does Phonesheriff app have?

Let’s find out, which specific features Phonesheriff can provide its users.

Phonesheriff app offers its users a lot of benefits:

  • setting time limits and blocking any phone number
  • restriction of a child from using a device for a certain period of time or restricting calls
  • tracking a location where your child is
  • getting access to the safe online control panel that allows looking through all the websites visited by your child via different browsers
  • blocking a whole list of websites or apps
  • setting up immediate notifications and alerts about forbidden actions of your child on their smartphone via SMS or email. Also, you can get notifications when a wrong phone PIN is entered
  • looking through all the events that your child visits and controlling all their communications
  • multiple device management that allows you to monitor all the SMS chatting and conversations via other messengers
  • blocking calls, visiting websites, SMS and texts in other messengers, and using applications for a specified period of time

How do I install Phonesheriff app?

When it comes to the use of a new app, different questions can appear referring to the use of Phonesheriff app. In order to prevent all the difficulties that can appear in the process of usage, we provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to use it.

Initially, you need to purchase it and confirm that you are an owner of the smartphone where you want to set up a software and also that you are really a parent of the child which smartphone you want to install it on. Additionally, you need to provide an agreement that you will inform your child about your monitoring and control.

After providing with all the necessary agreements and matching all the PhoneSheriff Legal Requirements, you can go to the Order Page and purchase the software.


When purchasing PhoneSheriff, you are ready to download it. You will receive a code on the email which allows you to log in. Also, in your email, you will find a link to download an application. Follow the guide provided in your e-mail to download the app. When you have installed an application on your device, you are ready to adjust settings.

Adjusting settings

After the installation of the app, you will see a tamper-proof app icon providing an owner of the smartphone with access to the app. Now, you can adjust the settings that you want. For this, you should use the guide attached to the email on how to enter the interface of the app. You need to choose restrictions referring to the phone number and time. After the selection of these items, you need to decide which activities you are going to control. After this, you need to confirm, when requests appear.

Go through the login process

As a result, we have filtered actions that will go through the monitoring. On the phone of your child, a tamper-proof icon and a notification that their smartphone will be monitored will appear. After this, you have access to the application via Login Page. When entering your login information, you get access to the Secure Online Control Panel. You will be able to see a list of logs referring to different types of activities divided into several categories. Now, you are ready to use Phonesheriff app whenever you want.

When it comes to the allowed uses policy, you need to know that Phonesheriff can be used only for the control of your child. As Retina-X Studios determines, a legal child is considered to be your own child who is under 18 (as defined by US law). Only parents can monitor their children, not other relatives, including an elder sister/ brother, grandmother/ grandfather, aunt/ uncle, step-mother/ step-father, and other relatives. Anybody can’t apply this application, in order to monitor their friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, wife or husband, employee, or any other person. When approving the agreement with all the rules before making a purchase, you need to follow all the restrictions applied to the app. In other cases, you will become a victim of immediate termination without reimbursement.


PhoneSheriff app is not available anymore. We recommend to consider PhoneSheriff alternatives

Truth.Best Team Recommendations

Truth. Best team recommends you to use Phonesheriff app because it covers a huge number of benefits, including:

  • Setting up panic alerts in order to get alerts if your child or teenager is in danger.
  • Monitoring all the messengers used by your child, including WhatsApp and Snapchat in order to be aware of all the conversations and meetings that you have your child.
  • Getting GPS tracking reports on your smartphone.
  • Setting up restrictions on your child’s smartphone in order to protect your child from harmful and destroying content.

All these benefits allow provident parents to control their children totally and be aware of all their activities, conversations, and meetings with other people. Using PhoneSheriff Archive App, you get a possibility to look through all the history, which websites your child browsed, which games they played, and whom they were chatting with during school time. Additionally, you are able to download videos or photos on your computer that your child has interacted in order to protect your child in a more reliable way.

In terms of all the benefits and privileges provided with Phonesheriff, Truth. Best team advises parents to install this app and use it extensively.


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