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  1. What Is Pumpic App?
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  3. What Features Does Pumpic Have?
  4. How Do I Install Pumpic?
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Every parent must have felt downhearted when their child was about to leave the nest. That’s when all the hidden concerns and worries about kids’ safety come into parents’ mind. Although you can’t follow your children everywhere they go, you can care about your offspring even staying far away from them.

With the help of modern parental control tools, you can stay aware of all your child’s location and monitor their online activities remotely. Pumpic is one of the apps that allow parents to track their kids’ phones. Read our Pumpic review to find out whether it is the best monitoring app available.

What Is Pumpic App?

Pumpic is the cell phone monitoring app, which has a secure web-based account where parents can monitor the online activity of their kids. It should be pointed out that Pumpic was acquired by WebWatcher. So, the functionality of both monitoring apps may be similar.

How Does Pumpic App Work?

  • Pick subscription – To try out Pumpic, you need to pick a subscription plan. Look through available plans and choose the one you prefer. Note, that each of subscription packages covers a different set of features. So, select the plan, which includes the most necessary for you features. Once you provide a payment, a letter with installation instructions will be sent to your e-mail.
  • Obtain access – Make sure you can obtain physical access to the mobile phone you intend to track. Without direct access to the device, you won’t be able to install Pumpic on Android or iOS device. Although access is not always required for iOS monitoring, you may need it to enable iCloud back-up on the target iPhone or iPad.
  • Install & Set up – Then you need to install and set up the Pumpic app on the device you plan to monitor. The Pumpic developers assure that the setup won’t take longer than 5 minutes.
  • Proceed to track – Once the app is installed and set up on the target smartphone, you can log in to your web-based Control Panel to monitor the mobile activities. You can also use the mobile app to access your Panel. But Control Panel has a limited number of features, so it’s better to use web-based Panel to view all activities.

What Features Does Pumpic Have?

As Pumpic no longer works as an independent parental control solution, it would be wiser to describe the WebWatcher features. So here are some of the essential monitoring features available on different operating systems.


  • SMS & MMS
  • Deleted texts
  • Photo gallery
  • Screenshots
  • Call logs
  • GPS location
  • Website history
  • Social media apps and IMs


  • iMessages
  • Photo gallery
  • Website history
  • GPS location
  • IMs (WhatsApp, Kik, Viber)
  • Call logs

Pumpic also allows parents to stay aware of kids’ activities performed on PC or Mac. Monitoring kid’s laptop activity you will be able to view website history, programs installed, alert word screenshots and highlights.

How Do I Install Pumpic?

Although it is impossible for the customers to buy Pumpic subscription now, Pumpic redirects users to the WebWatcher page so they can still buy their monitoring app. Here is a brief guide of how to install the Pumpic app (now called WebWatcher) on the Android and iOS device you want to monitor.

Install Pumpic on Android

Open the Google Play on the kid’s device and disable Play Protect. Then go to Settings and allow installation from the unknown sources. Open the mobile phone browser and go to getati.com. Download the child app and open the file. Install the application.

Open the app and log in to your account. Here tap Activate Now and Allow usage tracking for the WWChildApp. Then activate runtime permissions for the app and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the setup.

Install Pumpic on iOS

To install the Pumpic app on the iPhone of your kid, go to login.webwatcher.com from your Mac and log in to your account. Then select Install iPhone/iPad and click on the Live Chat button. The Pumpic customer support agent will then set up the monitoring software on the device of your child.

Once the installation and setup are finished, go to login.webwatcher.com to monitor the data.

You can use Pumpic legally under conditions that you install it on your own device. If you plan to track someone else’s activities with the help of Pumpic, you need to obtain permission to do so.

If you have questions regarding your use of Pumpic app, it’d be the best to consult your legal consultant.

Truth.Best Recommendations

With the vast choice of parental control apps, it is difficult to choose the one that will meet all your needs and requirements. Although Pumpic seems like a reliable solution, it is now required by WebWatcher, and we can’t say our verdict on the app that no longer exists independently.

WebWatcher is a promising monitoring solution, which is compatible with many operating systems. If you want to hear our honest opinion on WebWatcher, better jump to the WebWatcher review. And to conclude, here are some pros and cons of the Pumpic app.

Quality vs. cost
User-friendly interface
Customer care team
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