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  1. What is PureSight app?
  2. How does PureSight work?
  3. What features does PureSight have? 
  4. How do I install PureSight app?
  5. Is it legal to use PureSight app?
  6. Truth.Best team recommendations
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In our contemporary world, it’s very unsafe to leave your underage kid without control. Even when your children grow up and become teenagers they also need your support and protection. One of the most important tasks of worried parents is to protect their children from inappropriate content, cyberbullying or abuse. And it can be really a hard task when it comes to the control of your child remotely. So, let’s consider how you can prevent your child from the harmful impact when you are over a distance!

What is PureSight app?

PureSight is a parental control application providing its users with different spying and supervising features. It helps you catch abusive content in websites visited, online chats, social networks used by your underage child, including Facebook, and so on.

With PureSight app, you can control your child and protect him/ her from cyberbullies and pedophiles whether he/ she is at home, at school or at the party. PureSight app will prevent your child from harmful content in any type of file, including text, image or video. You can be confident that whatever type of content your child uses he/ she will be provided with high-level cybersecurity. 

How does PureSight work?

PureSight app monitors and blocks access to inappropriate content due to artificial intelligence filter. It allows blocking 17 predefined categories of inappropriate content, including porn, drug, and gambling websites.  

PureSight app provides users with detailed activity reports. These reports include a full list of visited websites and specify which category each website belongs to. In addition, reports also provide a full log of chat conversations. By getting these reports, parents get to know about each child’s visit to the blocked website.

PureSight app allows setting up alerts. This means that parents are informed about repeated attempts to access blocked content or the use of forbidden keywords in chats. You can set up alerts remotely. 

What features does PureSight have? 

PureSight Multi Online Child Protection provides users with top-grade spying and blocking features:

  • Supervising multiple devices simultaneously. With PureSight, you can control several devices at the same time, including personal computers and smartphones.
  • High-quality protection from cyberbullying. PureSight app allows controlling all the networks to detect suspicious or abusive chats. 
  • Protection from porn. You can never be confident that your child doesn’t visit forbidden or adult websites accidentally. By using PureSight app, you can protect your child from websites containing abusive or inappropriate content.
  • Receiving alerts in spite of your whereabouts. PureSight app enables monitoring your kid’s devices in real-time. You get alerts when somebody suspicious tries to contact your child. 
  • Restricting chats use. PureSight app allows setting up times limits on Internet use and chats conversations. This is the best idea for parents who want their children to study in classes instead of chatting with their friends or playing games. 
  • Blocking games. This feature allows the filtering content of online game websites. Parents can block specific online games. 
  • Monitoring Facebook. It allows monitoring of your child’s separate activities on Facebook.
  • Tracking and restricting instant messages, including Yahoo, AIM, and MSN. This feature allows determining the number of forbidden words used by your child before PureSight app stops the work of this instant messenger. 
  • Time scheduling for website browsing. This feature allows setting up restrictions on the use of the websites and adjusting time settings. 

How do I install PureSight app?

You need to answer several questions before starting the installation. Also, you need to create a password. After the installation, if you want PureSight app to work invisibly,  you need to hide an icon of the application from the desktop of the target device. Your child will never guess that you have installed PureSight app on their device. 

The installation process is quite simple. However, you need to make sure that you have gone through the installation process correctly. After the installation of the PureSight application, you can configure settings by adding or removing permissions for each profile. From this moment, you can start tracking your underage child’s smartphone. 

You can choose from three available licenses and pay for the annual or monthly subscription. If you are a parent of three kids, this is the best choice for you because you can set up the app on several devices. However, for the installation of the application on more than three devices, you need to purchase additional subscriptions. 

It’s absolutely legal to use PureSight app for the control of your underage children. By using PureSight app, you confirm that you will not use this monitoring tool and its controlling features in violation of any Federal, State or local law. Puresight doesn’t carry responsibility for the way in which you are going to use the application. 

Truth.Best team recommendations

Truth.Best team doesn’t recommend using PureSight app for monitoring your underage children’s devices and protecting them from harmful or offensive content because it has a huge number of restrictions. PureSight app effectively blocks 17 categories of inappropriate content, including porn, drug sites, and gambling sites.

However, you need to pay your attention that this application doesn’t block content from proxy websites used very often by children. When it comes to monitoring social networks,  another main disadvantage of PureSight app is that it’s intended only to the monitoring of Facebook and some of your child’s activities on it. Social network restricting is limited and unreliable.

By using PureSight app, you can block any game played by your child, but the main condition for this is the connection of the game to the Internet. PureSight app doesn’t provide incoming call restrictions and tracking location feature which is very important for the full-fledged control of your underage child. 

In conclusion, PureSight app is suitable for monitoring and blocking websites visited by your underage child, tracking, and monitoring instant chats and its blocking due to the use of keywords set up by a parent. On the other hand, PureSight app doesn’t provide users with a wide range of monitoring and blocking features as other parental control brands.