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  1. What is Screentime app?
  2. How does Screentime app work?
  3. What features does Screentime app have? 
  4. How do I install Screentime app?
  5. Is it legal to use Screentime app?
  6. Truth.Best team recommendations
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Do you get nervous when your children start actively browsing the Internet and you don’t know which websites they visit? Do you want to safeguard your children against harmful or inappropriate content? Do your children play games or chat via instant messengers instead of studying or sleeping? There is a huge number of reasons to start supervising your children’s devices. However, there is one solution to all these problems. This solution is called Screentime app.

What is Screentime app?

Screentime app is developed especially for parents who want their children to investigate the world on different levels, including on the Internet and in real life. Screentime app offers its customers a combination of easy-to-use monitoring and management tools. Every provident parent needs to be aware of all the hobbies and interests of their children.

This will help parents to prevent their children from different disasters and threats. In addition, parents need to guide their children in the right direction and offer them educational content to make them develop their skills and knowledge. 

Remarkably, a new generation spends 7 days a week by using their gadgets.  This much more than it’s recommended. On average, it’s recommended to use a smartphone 2 hours a day. However, contemporary children excessively use their gadgets. We need to agree with the fact that this innovative technology is very useful but also can harm. Therefore, this is very important to protect our children from the overuse of the Internet and apps. 

Screentime app is high-quality parental control app that allows parents to manage and restrict the use of the smartphone. By using the functionality of the app, parents can completely manage their children’s studying, rest, and interests. Screentime app is developed in order to encourage your children to get the best results in studying and form useful habits, set use schedules, and control the use of apps, and instant messengers.

This smart technology isn’t just parental control software, this is a really irreplaceable guide for your child who will lead them through the contemporary world full of entertainments, threats, and pitfalls. 

How does Screentime app work?

A basic account of the Screentime app allows parents to monitor device activity, including:

  • App Usage;
  • Web History;
  • Search History;
  • Daily Reports. 

A premium account of the Screentime app allows parents not only to monitor their children’s devices but restrict or block the use of the device. It provides users with additional options, including: 

  • Instant Pause;
  • Approve Apps;
  • Time Limits;
  • Schedules. 

What features does Screentime app have? 

Screentime app provides parents with a huge number of unique parental control features:

  • Time limits. By using this feature, parents can set time limits on the use of the smartphone every day. 
  • Homework & Tasks. Parents can encourage their children by adding additional time use for successful accomplishment of tasks and homework. 
  • Setting schedules. By using this feature parents can set blocked periods, including sleep time, and homework time in order to focus their child’s attention on doing homework. 
  • Instant pause. This is a very useful feature when you need to make your child sit at the dinner table right now.
  • Free play. This feature can be used while your children are going on the journey. It allows annulling all the settings for a certain period of time.
  • Approve apps. Due to this feature, you can manage the set up of apps and choose only those ones which you concern to be useful.
  • App usage. This feature allows monitoring all the apps set on your child’s device.
  • Web history. This feature allows monitoring web history and websites visited by your child. 
  • Every day reports. By using this feature, parents can get everyday reports of visited websites and used apps. 

How do I install Screentime app?

In order to go through the installation process of the app on iOS successfully, you need to follow these easy steps:

  • Step 1. Go to the website of the product. Create an account on the websites by using Google, Facebook, or enter your email and password. 
  • Step 2. Provide the name of the child that you are going to monitor. After that, scroll down the instructions and you will see the pairing code. 
  • Step 3. Download Screentime app on the kid’s device from the Apple App Store. 
  • Step 4. Enter the pairing code on the kid’s device.
  • Step 5. In order to monitor your child’s activities, you need to permit Location services, and Notifications.

Screentime app was developed for legal monitoring your kid’s devices in order to protect them from sexting, abuse or inappropriate content. You can monitor a kid’s device if you are a parent or legal guardian of this kid. Also, you need to get consent from your child to be monitored.

If you monitor your underage child and get their permission to be monitored, you agree to collect, use, and disclose personal information of your child as it’s mentioned in the privacy policy of the Screentime app. If you have decided to use this app for illegal purposes, you carry the responsibility for this on your own according to the law of your country or state. 

Truth.Best team recommendations

Truth.Best team recommends using Screentime app as parental control software. This is one of the best parental control apps due to its unique high quality monitoring and blocking features, including time limits, use scheduling, instant pause, approve apps, monitoring web history, app usage, and so on.

Due to its sophisticated functionality, you can get app reports of your kid’s activity every day and protect them from inappropriate content or apps. In addition, your children can’t uninstall Screentime app because the uninstalling process requires a secure password. Also, you can block access to the app’s settings. One of its main benefits is compatibility with multiple devices, including Apple, Android, and Amazon. 

The combination of multifunctionality, easy installation, smart and intuitive parental control features, and affordable prices makes Screentime app one of the popular parental control applications.