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  1. What Is the Spy Phone App?
  2. How Does Spy Phone App Work?
  3. What Features Does Spy Phone App Have?
  4. How Do I Install Spy Phone App? 
  5. Is It Legal To Use Spy Phone App? 
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The vast variety of mobile apps helps modern moms and dads to cope with parenting and work smoothly. You can order food delivery, pay your bills online and create a to-do list for your child and share it with them. 

Parental controls also help to decrease the amount of chaos in the lives of the parents. Using a monitoring app, you can find out your kid’s whereabouts, know their friends and interests better. But how to choose the reliable and at the same time useful parental control application? 

At Truth.Best we help parents to make the right choice and use only the apps that offer lots of useful features. We gathered some interesting facts in this Spy Phone App review to let you understand what the best parental control app is and how it works.

What Is the Spy Phone App?

Spy Phone App is the monitoring software, which helps users to find out what is hidden on someone’s mobile phone. Whether these are calls you want to track or maybe private messages of your partner, Spy Phone App can capture all activity logs. It informs you about possible threats found on the monitored mobile phone and allows you to see all activities performed on the device.

How Does Spy Phone App Work?

Spy Phone App needs to be installed on the device you want to monitor. Whether it is your kid’s smartphone or the mobile phone of your parent or partner, you need to gain physical access to their device to install the mobile tracking software. 

The application will start tracking the mobile activities once it is fully set up on the target device. Spy Phone App needs internet access to transfer logs to your Panel. That’s why the monitored phone has to be connected to the Wi-Fi network or has mobile data. 

Sometimes, the Spy Phone App may be interrupted. That is because the modern Android smartphones’ developers try to achieve low battery consumption. The system tends to stop the power-consuming apps, which may affect the work of the monitoring software. 

To prevent the Spy Phone App from stopping you need to perform the suggested adjustments. These are:

  • Activate the notification for Spy Phone App 
  • Disable Doze battery optimization 
  • Disable 3rd party optimization apps 

The detailed guide on how to make sure that the Spy Phone App won’t be stopped is available on the official website of the Spy Phone App

What Features Does Spy Phone App Have?

  • GPS logs – Track someone’s GPS location with the help of Spy Phone App. So you will know where the person is headed to.
  • SMS logs – Spy Phone App captures the sent and received text messages and allows you to read them. You can quickly discover who texts your beloved ones. 
  • MMS logs – See media files someone sends your child. Prevent your kid from being exposed to inappropriate material at a very young age.
  • Facebook logs  – Find out who sends a target user message on Facebook. Read any message spot when the conversation takes a flirty route.
  • WhatsApp logs – Be the first to know who your child communicates with on WhatsApp. Read every single message to prevent bullies from shaming and harassing your kid. 
  • Contacts logs – By monitoring contacts stored on the target phone, you can see the phone number of anyone and find out more about your kids’ friends. 

As you see the Spy Phone App offers lots of useful features. But the question is, do they all work correctly? Keep reading to find out whether the Spy Phone App is the parental control app you are looking for. 

How Do I Install Spy Phone App? 

Before you start installing the Spy Phone App, you need to activate the installation from unknown sources on the device you want to monitor. Go to Settings on the target smartphone and confirm the installation from unidentified sources in the Security. 

You will also need to deactivate scanning for security threats. To do this go to Google Settings on the target phone and turn off scanning in the Security. Then you can proceed to download and install the app.

Open a mobile browser on the device you need to monitor and enter the download link. Download the latest version of spy app and install it following the on-screen instructions. After the installation is done, you will need to register an account. 

Enter your e-mail address and set a password. Select the name for your phone and complete the sign-up. Use these login credentials to log in your account and check the activity logs.

With the Spy Phone App, you can legally monitor the mobile device of your underage kid and install the spying software on your own smartphone. If you intend to control someone else’s device applying the Spy Phone App, you will need to obtain the permission of the owner of the device to do so. 

Please, keep in mind, that installing and using Spy Phone App on the mobile phone you don’t have the right to monitor, you’re violating the law.

Truth.Best Team Recommendations 

Spy Phone App seems like a powerful phone tracker app that has everything a spying software should. But there are not many honest users’ testimonials about this monitoring app, which makes me think that either Spy Phone App is not that popular or trustworthy.

So, to sum up, our review here are some pros and cons of the Spy Phone App.


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