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Every parent always wants their children to be safe. It’s normal to be concerned about your kid’s well-being, especially when they start using the Internet. For all its good uses, one disadvantage that comes with using the Internet is uncontrolled access to all kinds of information. Children can get exposed to dangers like cyberbullying, scams, and seeing inappropriate content. As such, parents are always looking for ways to control their children’s interactions online discretely.

TiSPY is a fantastic parental control software that helps parents monitor all their children’s mobile activities. The spy app offers parents several excellent monitoring features, but does TiSPY really work? In this article, we’ll tell you all about the TiSPY app, its features, and why it may be the perfect monitoring software for all parents.

What Features Does TiSPY Offer?

As full monitoring software, TiSPY offers some incredible features, including:

Call and SMS Monitoring

One fundamental feature most spy apps offer is monitoring calls and SMS logs of the target device. TiSPY is no different. This tracking app allows you to monitor the calls, multimedia, and text messages received and sent from your kids’ phones quickly. Also, it enables parents to view call time plus date stamp and track an SMS sender or recipient details.

Monitor Phone Book

TiSPY gives you access to view all the details in the target device’s phone book. It also offers parents the chance to block numbers on the contact list that may lead to security risks.

Location Tracking

A practical method of keeping an eye on young kids or vulnerable loved ones is by tracking their movement. With its GPS location tracking feature, TiSPY allows users to know wherever the owner of the target phone goes. Users can also set geofences and receive alerts when the target strays to unwanted areas.

Monitoring Browser History

What underage kids browse online can go a long way in affecting their mentality. For this reason, parents with younger children need to pay extra attention to their kids’ online activities. With TiSPY, parents can track their children’s browsing history and see the time and date each site was visited too.

Access to Target Phone Files

The spy software makes monitoring everything saved on the other person’s phone effortless. TiSPY lets you track all the data you may need, from pictures and videos saved in the gallery to documents, ZIP files, and other multimedia content. Even if there is an external SD card on the phone, the app will allow you to track its content.

Clipboard and App Monitoring

With this parental control software, users can get a list of all the apps installed on their children’s phones. It also gives parents the ability to block unwanted apps on the target device. TiSPY’s clipboard tracking feature allows users to see everything copied on the target phone’s clipboard.

Video and Audio Surveillance

This app offers its customers a live surveillance system that helps in monitoring the target’s surroundings remotely. Users can remotely activate the camera and microphone of the target device and record what’s happening around. According to several TiSPY reviews, this feature is a user favorite.

Monitoring Social Media

Keeping an eye on your child’s mobile actions is not complete without monitoring their activity on social media. TiSPY offers full monitoring of messages, updates, and all activity on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, etc.

Finally, if you ever want to wipe your kid’s device remotely, TiSPY enables you to do it remotely.

TiSPY Prices for Subscription Plans

TiSPY has different subscription plans based on how long you want to use it and the features you need. Its prices start from:

  •   Premium plan – $6.74 per month charged annually at $81.95.
  •   Basic plan – $11.73 per month charged every three months at $35.20.
  •   Standard plan – $8.7 per month charged every six months at $52.80.

What Is the TiSPY Installation Process?

Parents looking to use this parental app need to install it on the target phone first. Installing the app is straightforward on different devices and takes less than 10 minutes.

TiSPY Android Installation

  •   Download the app from Google Play Store.
  •   Install the app on the target phone.
  •   Create an account with the app, login, and start monitoring.

You can also visit the app’s official site, tispy.net, and create your profile before downloading. Then you put in your login details after downloading and start spying.

TiSPY iPhone Installation

The app is not available for iPhone users. It’s only compatible with Android and Windows devices.

Pros & Cons of TiSPY

For people wondering, can TiSPY be detected? The simple answer is no. One of the many advantages of this spy software is spying on the target remotely and in stealth mode. Let’s tell you some other benefits:


  •   It has a simple, easy-to-use interface.
  •   It allows for alert scheduling and geofencing.
  •   It’s not expensive.


  •   It doesn’t work on iPhones.

Truth.Best Team Recommendations

With the high rate of cybercrimes, bullying, and other online dangers, keeping your child secure is essential. That’s where a good spy app can come in handy. With TiSPY, you can easily monitor everything your child does. It’s a parental control app that we recommend entirely.

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