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  1. What Is uKnowKids App?
  2. How Does uKnowKids Work?
  3. What Features Does uKnowKids Have?
  4. How Do I Install uKnowKids?
  5. Is It Legal To Use uKnowKids?
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As soon as the children start going to school, parents buy them smartphones to keep in touch 24/7. Indeed, the mobile phone is the must-have tool in the 21st century. Apart from being able to contact parents immediately, kids benefit from constant access to the Internet where they can find out anything they want.

But, along with benefits, the digital world also brings specific harms. Kids often get exposed to inappropriate content and fall victim to cyberbullying and online shaming. Parents need to make sure the online space is safe for their child.

Although most of the parents have already installed parental controls on kids’ devices, some of them still haven’t heard about smartphone monitoring options. So, we have prepared a detailed uKnowKids app review to help our users understand how it works.

What Is uKnowKids App?

uKnowKids application is the flagship product of uKnow, the leading parental service. uKnowKids was founded in 2009 by Steve Woda, who wanted to create digital tools that would keep parents better engaged. uKnow now has many facilities, that provide more transparency and visibility for parents.

uKnowKids is the mobile app that gives parents an inside look into iPhones, iPads and Android mobile phones of their kids. uKnowKids allows parents to monitor text messages, phone calls, contacts and web activity of the child.

How Does uKnowKids Work?

As the mobile operating systems function their way, uKnowKids also works differently on Android and iOS devices. Here is the brief guide of how uKnowKids works on two operating systems:

  • iOS –The uKnowKids app has two ways of gathering the activity data from the iOS device. It can either collect the activity logs from local data backup (iTunes) or cloud data backup (iCloud). Merely saying, uKnowKids monitors the activity on kid’s smartphone in a stealth mode and copies in to from backup right to parent’s account.
  • Android –uKnowKids doesn’t take information from backups on Android devices. Android is a more open system than iOS is, so uKnowKids has unrestricted access to kid’s data on Android mobile phone.  

uKnowKids starts monitoring Android device right after installation on the kids’ smartphone. Then the app will transfer information to your account. So you can check it anytime you want.

What Features Does uKnowKids Have?

  • Text messages monitoring –uKnowKids captures sent and received text messages on the kid’s device. The app monitors messages secretly and even allows parents to take a look at deleted texts.
  • Photo reviews –uKnowKids monitors the photo gallery providing a detailed overview of the pictures stored on the kid’s device. You can see every photo right in your account.
  • Web browsing & Search history –uKnowKids pay utmost attention to the things the child searches for on the Internet. The app tracks all the sites the child enters as well as search queries.
  • Family locator tools –Last know locations of the child, check-ins, and check-outs will be available to see in your account. uKnowKids guarantees location accuracy and can help you to find your child anytime.
  • Mobile contacts –uKnowKids tracks the mobile contacts of your child to let you find out the phone number of kid’s friends. You can easily stay in touch with your son or daughter even if their phone is dead.
  • Digital safety resources –uKnowKids wants to keep parents updated on latest trends and digital safety technologies. You can read interesting articles and posts on parenting on the uKnowKids website.

How Do I Install uKnowKids?

To install uKnowKids on the kid’s device, you need to open the Google Play Store. Here enter uKnowMobile at the search field. Install the uKnowMobile app and allow the permissions that appear on the screen.

For iOS devices, things with installation are bit different. uKnowKids developers recommend choosing iTunes backup option as it isn’t exposed to risks of account lock as the iCloud does.

To connect your child’s iPhone to uKnowKids with Apple iTunes, you need to purchase a subscription. Click on the Set up uKnowKids now to begin linking the device with your uKnowKids.

The further step will be to create a Child Profile for your kid. Choose the device you want to monitor and proceed to the next step. Then you will need to choose the iTunes method of data syncing. Follow the on-screen steps to download and install the uKnowKids Realy app on your host computer.

Open the installed app and copy the Pairing code that will appear on the screen. Insert the code into and Child’s Setup screen and submit. Confirm that your kid’s iPhone already has been backed up. The new data will appear in your dashboard within two hours as the app needs time to synchronize with uKnowKids.

uKnowKids warns their users that they are solely responsible for the purpose they decided to use application for. But it is claimed, that one has no permission to monitor the mobile activities of any adult or minor child for whom one is not a legal guardian.

It is also recommended to inform the child about your intentions to install uKnowKids software on their device.

Truth.Best Team Recommendations

uKnowKids aims to protect children from severe risks of technology and the Internet. But the app itself doesn’t seem to be a safe program. On February 2016, the uKnow database was breached by a hacker. Although the breach happened long ago, there was no other news from uKnowKids since then.

They stopped writing to their resources section, which makes us think that they stopped developing and improving their services. For the safety and security reasons, we don’t recommend our readers to install and use the uKnowKids app.


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