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  1. What is Xnspy?
  2. What Features Does the App Give?
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  4. XNSPY Prices for Subscriptions
  5. How Does XNSPY Work? Installation Guide
  6. Strong Points of the App
  7. Does XNSPY Really Work?
  8. What Problems Are Reported by Users of XNSPY?
  9. How Do Users Rate XNSPY on Trustpilot?
  10. XNSPY Reviews on Sitejabber
  11. Best XNSPY App Alternatives
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  13. Pros & Cons of XNSPY App
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Are you looking for a way to monitor your hyperactive kids’ smartphone activities, suspicious partners, or employees without them knowing? XNSPY is one of the mobile spy apps that may just be what you need. Below, we’ve put together a detailed XNSPY review to help you decide if it’s the best option.

What is Xnspy?

Xnspy app is a powerful monitoring application intended to help you with the protection of your children from harmful content. In addition, this is a real catch for those who want to supervise their employees in order to prevent the sharing of sensitive information with competitors, and so on. All over the world, the Xnspy app has won popularity among thousands of customers due to a wide range of benefits. Let’s consider its benefits in details. 

What Features Does the App Give?

XNSPY collects and reveals to you all the information that passes through the target device. The app works on both Android and iOS devices and offers several features that’ll benefit you. Here are the main features of the app and what it can give you.

Phone Calls and Text Messages Tracking

When you install the XNSPY spy application on your target device, it keeps track of all the incoming and outgoing calls and reports them to you in a list. It also monitors and communicates all text messages and email messages sent to and from the target device. This way, you always stay up to date on whom the person contacts regularly.

·  Contacts List Updates

XNSPY will give you the complete list of all contacts saved on your target device. The app will also update the list once new contacts are saved on the device to keep tabs on new connections you may not know.

·  Third-Party Instant Messaging Monitoring

With XNSPY for iOS, you’ll be able to monitor iMessage chats too. It doesn’t end there. The app can also track the activities on other third-party IM apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, etc.

·  GPS Location Tracking

Besides tracking messages, you can also track location with XNSPY. With its GPS location tracking feature, you can know wherever your target is at any given time through GPS data on the installed app. This feature allows you to quickly identify when your kids are in dangerous areas or if your spouse is in a suspicious place. It can also tell you when your employee leaves the office without your knowledge.

·  Remote Recording

The app offers several recording features that have endeared it to hundreds of users, according to many XNSPY reviews. An impressive recording feature of XNSPY is keylogging – which tracks and tells you everything typed on the target device, including passwords. The app can also record phone calls if you need it to do so – call recording only works on rooted or jailbroken devices.

One other user favorite is the advanced recording feature offered by the app. You can easily access the audio recording of sounds from the surrounding. I found this feature fascinating as it gives the ability to activate the in-built microphone of the target device and listen to any audio or conversation going on around the person.

·  Remote Locking

A powerful feature that comes with installing XNSPY on a jailbroken iOS device or rooted Android phone is controlling the device remotely. This feature will allow you to send commands to the target device, block the installation of some apps, lock or change lock patterns of the phone, and even wipe the phone completely.

·  Security Alerts

The XNSPY app has an added feature that allows you to set alerts for when specific things happen on your target device. For example, if there’s a change of SIM cards, or the device shuts down, you get an alert on your Control Panel.


Now that you know the features this app offers, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Will it work on my device?”

Although the functions on non-jailbroken devices are a bit more limited than those on jailbroken iOS devices, the app works on both. It supports devices running on iOS versions 6.0 upwards.

XNSPY spy app compatibility

XNSPY is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The app works perfectly on non-rooted Android phones and tablets, with almost all its features available. But with rooted Android devices, you’ll have access to some of the app’s advanced features. However, judging by the XNSPY reviews Android users post online, the app is a fantastic monitoring tool with or without rooting. It’s compatible with devices running on Android version 4.0 and above.

XNSPY Prices for Subscriptions

With all its fantastic tracking features, this spy app doesn’t come free. So how much does XNSPY cost? The app has different subscription plans, depending on the features you want and how long you want to use them. It offers a Basic plan and a Premium plan. Take a look at XNSPY’s plans and pricing below:

XNSPY App Cost

XNSPY Basic Edition

  • Monthly rate – $29.99/month
  • Quarterly rate – $41.99, charged at $13.99/month
  • Annual rate – $59.99, charged at $4.99/month

XNSPY Premium Edition

  • Monthly rate – $35.99/month
  • Quarterly rate – $59.99, charged at $19.99/month
  • Annual rate – $89.99, charged at $7.49/month

The premium edition offers all the features of the app, including keylogger and remote security control.

If you have more than one device to monitor with XNSPY, you’ll have to purchase a plan for each device. However, you can watch and view reports for different phones from the same parent Control Panel.

How Does XNSPY Work? Installation Guide

Before you can spy on anybody with XNSPY, you have to install the app on the person’s mobile phone. One of the awesome things I discovered with this app is that it is straightforward to use and requires no technical skills to install. The XNSPY installation process is simple and straightforward and involves just two simple steps.

  1. Visit the site and purchase your preferred plan or package. After you pay, a confirmation message will deliver to your registered email along with the installation details.
  2. After getting the email, you can follow the instructions on downloading, installing, and activating it. After activation, you can start monitoring. It is as simple as that.

Strong Points of the App

Although I have talked about the features of this app earlier in this review, there’s even more. According to several XNSPY spy reviews, the app has some peculiar attributes, giving it an edge over all other spy apps. If you’ve not made up your mind already, some of these attributes may convince you to do so.
· Remote Audio Monitoring
XNSPY allows you to record the sounds from the surroundings around your target device. So if you suspect that the other person is in a questionable location, you can just activate the mic and listen to what’s going on. Also, with recording a phone call, the app will give you reports of the longest calls and the most frequent calls too.
· Smart Message Monitoring
Besides its effective audio tracking, the app also gives you some smart chat monitoring options you’ll find helpful. With XNSPY, you can set alerts for specific keywords, so whenever the words come up during the exchange of messages, you get notified.
Also, XNSPY helps you create a related chats pattern, so you can easily pick out conversations about a specific subject that may interest you.
· Keylogging
A unique feature of the app, keylogging, is also a fantastic benefit that comes with using XNSPY. The spy app records all the keystrokes typed on the target device. This feature comes in handy when the other person deletes typed messages as the keystroke records are not erased.
· Watchlist
The watchlist feature allows you to add specific words to a list, so whenever those words pop up on the target device, you get a notification. The app also allows you to set up a contacts watchlist and get alerts whenever the other person gets in contact with anybody on your list.

Does XNSPY Really Work?

The simple answer: yes. It provides you with clear reports on the daily smartphone activities of the other person.

When it comes to monitoring, the app effectively tracks all specified activities without hiccups. It offers you a great way to monitor someone else with the possibility of being detected.

What Problems Are Reported by Users of XNSPY?

There are very few adverse experiences reported by users across various review sites online. The only recurrent problem was the lack of personalized customer service.

How Do Users Rate XNSPY on Trustpilot?

While writing this review, I went on Trustpilot to get some real customer feedback on this spy app’s performance. Generally, the users on this review site give the app a favorable rating of 3.6 stars out of a possible five stars from 319 reviews. Several of the app’s customers find it very helpful, with about 65% rating it above average to excellent. Generally, the spy app has a good report on the site.

XNSPY Reviews on Sitejabber

On Sitejabber, another customer review site, XNSPY has a general user rating of 3.32 stars out of a possible five stars from 224 reviews. This rating shows that most of the consumers on the site are satisfied or impressed with the spy app’s features and benefits. Based on XNSPY customer reviews, it’s the third-best surveillance app on the Internet. However, I did find a general complaint among the user experiences. Most people had issues with the level of customer service XNSPY provides, with many rating it “not good enough.”

Best XNSPY App Alternatives

If XNSPY doesn’t work for you for some reason, I found a few other spy app alternatives with similar features.

mSpy Reviews – Monitor All Kid’s Online Activities Without Fuss

§  mSpy – It is an excellent mobile monitoring app that provides full undetected monitoring with real-time location tracking. It offers superior customer support too.

What Your Customers Really Think About Your FlexiSpy Review?

§  FlexiSpy – This app has very similar features with XNSPY. However, it also works on other devices like Blackberry, Windows, and Mac.

qustodio app truth best

§  Qustodio – This spy app offers stealth monitoring of smartphone activities too. Its features are extensive, including the ability to block calls and texts from unwanted contacts.


Does XNSPY Have a Free Version?

No, XNSPY doesn’t have a free version. The app offers two different packages, and both require payments. There is no period of free trial either.

Is XNSPY Legitimate?

The use of spy apps, such as XNSPY, to monitor minors is legal in most countries. However, if you’re using it to track a spouse or an employee, it’s legal only if you own the device, or they’re aware of your monitoring.

What Devices Are Compatible with the XNSPY App?

This spy app works on Android and iOS devices. You can use XNSPY, whether your device is rooted – for Android users and jailbroken – for iOS users.

Can XNSPY Be Detected?

No, when you install properly, this spy app cannot be detected. During installation on the target device, make sure you select the “Hide application icon” option to keep the app in complete stealth mode.

Does the Target iPhone Require a Jailbreak to Spy On?

No, it doesn’t. Most of the XNSPY iPhone spy features work with or without jailbreak. The app has versions for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhones.

Pros & Cons of XNSPY App

+ Сan be installed without detection
+ Provides location history and geofencing
+ Shows everything, including text messages, contacts, and reminders
+ Can block the app installations
+ Gives alerts for new contacts and unwanted interactions
+ Can record sounds from the surroundings
+ Allows you to wipe or lock the target device remotely


– No free trial offers
– Requires rooting or jailbreaking to unlock some features
– No access to control real-time Internet usage.

Truth.Best Team Recommendations

In conclusion, XNSPY is an excellent mobile spy app. It offers you full monitoring features on the target device, whether it is Android or iOS. This spy app is perfect for parents with youngsters at home, employers, and partners suspecting foul play. Although I’m not very thrilled about its customer service, I thoroughly recommend the app for use. It’s a top option! You can even try a live demo before purchasing a plan on the product website.



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