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  1. How to Track Someone Location Without Them Knowing 
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  3. How to Track A Cell Phone Location for Free
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In a world where using technology is an everyday occurrence, it can be extremely easy not to trust a spouse or an employee or not knowing where your child is.

Nowadays, cellphones are with us at all times. Hence, there are several ways you can track a person using their personal device. In this guide, we’re going to explain how you can locate a phone in order to find out whether your partner is telling you the truth, if your employees are honest with you, or to discover where your teenage child went last night.

Keep on reading to find out the best four methods we’ve selected.

How to Track Someone Location Without Them Knowing 

The best and most complete way to track a cell phone’s location without the owner knowing it’s to install a spy app on the target device. Spy apps offer a way not only to check the GPS location of the phone, but also to monitor the target phone’s activities, conversations, social media, and browsing history.

Different spy apps come for different prices and have different features and characteristics, but if you’re looking for the best one on the market, you should definitely check out the mSpy app. This is the best app to track a phone without them knowing. Hence, let’s find out its outstanding features.


mspy tracking app

Out of all the spying apps available on the market, mSpy is the most efficient one since it offers a bunch of advanced features. The mSpy app was developed to track and monitor iOS and Android devices, and it can give you full access to all of the target phone’s activities.

You can purchase mSpy through two convenient buying plans:

  • Basic plan: for $29.99 per month, you can get all of the app’s main features and services.
  • Premium plan: for $69.99 per month, the app can offer all of its features.

Once you select and purchase the plan you wish to have, you’ll only need to access the target phone for around 15 minutes before you’ll monitor all of its activities. Here is a summary of the main features mSpy offers and what they include:

  • GPS Location Tracking: Thanks to mSpy, you’ll be able to track a cheating spouse or a teenager at any time. Just log in to your Control Panel, and follow your loved ones’ GPS location.
  • Messaging Apps Monitoring: mSpy allows you to access all the most popular messaging apps, including Whatsapp and Kik, and read all conversations.
  • Call Logs: This feature allows you to keep an eye on all incoming and outgoing phone calls.
  • Social Media Monitoring: With mSpy, monitoring social media without the person knowing is going to be quick and easy.
  • Media: Check all videos and pictures taken, sent, or received by the target phone.
  • SMS Monitoring: mSpy lets you read the target phone’s private text messages, even those that were deleted.
  • Browsing History: This feature enables you to see which websites are visited, as well as all the emails sent or received.

How to Track A Cell Phone Location for Free

Is it possible to track a cell phone for free? Yes, most companies that build phones have a way to track their location already installed on the device. Hence, let’s see how to track someone’s phone for free, basing on which system the device operates.

Find My Device for Android 

In order to install this app on the target phone, in case it’s not on it already, you’ll just need to follow some quick and straightforward steps. First of all, you need to physically access the target device for around 10 to 20 minutes. You can find the app in the Google Play store and, once you download it, you’re almost finished.

Once the app is installed, make sure to log in to the Google account you’ll later use on your personal computer and check that the location option on the target phone is turned on. Once you’ve completed all these steps, you’ll be able to track someone’s phone and remotely erase it, lock it, or play a sound. 

The Find My Device app will work as long as the target phone is connected to the Internet, and it’s 100% free. Moreover, this method also works on Android tablets or smartwatches.

Find My iPhone for iOS Devices

This method is quite similar to the one you can use on Android devices. If the target phone is an iOS device, then the Find My iPhone app should already be installed. Hence, you won’t actually need to download anything.

What you need to do to start monitoring and tracking the phone’s location is to physically access the device for around 10 minutes and share its location with you. 

The app works through Bluetooth signals; therefore, you’ll be able to locate the device even when the target phone is offline, or it has a low battery level. The map of the location is going to be visible on your iCloud account.

Among the features of this app, there’s also one that allows you to set up notification alerts that are going to warn you in case the phone leaves or arrives at a certain location.

Find My Device for Windows Phone

Microsoft’s Find My Device provides a free way to track any modern Windows phone. In most cases, the app has been installed on the phone when it was first operated. This means you won’t need to access the phone physically.

The first thing you need to do to start tracking a Windows phone is to visit the Microsoft website in the device section and log in to the account using the credential of the target phone. At that point, you should be able to see its location on a map and see exactly where your partner, child, or employee is.

Besides tracking the device, through Microsoft’s account, you can also ring it, lock it, or erase all information from it. Once you erase all data, there will be no turning back; hence, you should pay attention to this option.

Keep in mind that, although this method works in most situations, there can still be some issues. For example, if the owner of the phone turns it off manually, you won’t be able to locate its last location.

Final Words

Now that we went over the main methods to track a phone without them knowing, we can safely say that there are some valid free options you can take advantage of. However, you should also remember that these solutions aren’t always accurate, and they can only help you find out the location of the target device. 

For this reason, we’d like to recommend the mSpy app as the best and most complete monitoring method out there. We came to this conclusion not only because this app is easy to install, and it allows you to track the phone at all times, but also because it can offer full access to the target device’s private content. Hence, if you are a worried parent, suspicious spouse, or attentive employes – mSpy is your choice.