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  1. What is Spyhuman app?
  2. How does Spyhuman app work?
  3. What features does Spyhuman app have?
  4. How Much Is SpyHuman?
  5. How do I install SpyHuman?
  6. Customer Service and Support
  7. SpyHuman Customer Reviews on Trustpilot
  8. Is it legal to use SpyHuman application?
  9. 3 Best SpyHuman Alternatives
  10. Truth.Best Team Recommendations
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In our contemporary world overloaded with abusing, sexting, hacking information, it’s very important to protect our children in the most reliable and secure way. Every provident parent cares about their child and wrestles with how to prevent them from harmful and destroying content. With Spyhuman app, it’s easy! Let’ consider what Spyhuman is and which possibilities it provides its users with.

What is Spyhuman app?

Spyhuman is a powerful software solution developed for monitoring and tacking your target audience. It was launched especially to cover customer’s needs in this industry. Myriads of customers who have previously disappointed in monitoring software developed by the prevalent brands in the market can enjoy all the benefits of easy-to-use multifunctional and safe parental control software.

Using Spyhuman app, you can monitor the online and offline activities of another device. A wide range of activities that you can access includes SMS, Call logs, Call Recording, Location tracking, and others. This app provides its users with a huge number of free options that covers basic parental control and employee monitoring demands.

It’s doesn’t require root access to function, unlike a huge number of apps launched on the market. This is one of the main benefits provided by this app because of the voiding of the guarantee on the Android device in another case.

How does Spyhuman app work?

In order to make Spyhuman app work, you need to follow the next steps:

  • Go through the registration. When you are a new user, you need to create a new account on the SpyHuman for free.
  • Download Spyhuman app on the device you are going to track.
  • Go through the installation on the device of a targeted person.
  • Login to the admin panel and start tracking the actions of a targeted person.

What features does Spyhuman app have?

SpyHuman is a powerful parental control software that provides that enable monitoring and tracking a device of another person with ease. In order to provide users with high-quality control, all the settlements of the application have gone through the elaborated testing process to satisfy all the needs of our customers. A list of useful features offered by manufacturers allows achieving efficient and full-fledged device monitoring. Among the most useful specifications, we can emphasize the next features:

  • Text message tracker. Due to this feature, every user can monitor the text of messages on the target device.
  • Call logs. In order to keep up with all the calls and conversations of the target phone, you have the possibility to receive call logs.
  • Location tracker. This feature helps track the location of the target device. Additionally, using the GPS Tracking feature, you are able to remotely look through all the routes your target person moves.
  • Contact book. Stay up-to-date with all the contacts your target person communicates.
  • Web monitoring. When you want to protect your child from harmful and inappropriate content, Spyhuman app offers you looking through all the websites that your child visits.
    Social media. In order to keep up with all the deals and communications of your child, monitor Whatsapp, and Facebook chats.
  • Life monitoring. This is one more useful feature that allows you to control your child or teenager and their private life completely. Using life monitoring, you get access to surrounding sounds, listening chattings of your child with their friends in a real life, be aware of all the gossips that your employees share during working time, and so on.
  • Monitor gallery. One of the most important parts of sophisticated monitoring is looking through all the photos that your target device receives and sends. Spyhuman application allows you viewing all the graphic content of the target device.
  • Apply restrictions. Due to this feature, you are able to restrict the usage of the target device partially and completely for a certain period of time. It includes remote websites blocking, remote camera blocking, app blocking, and so on.
  • Protection against frauds and thieves. This is a very useful feature when you want to protect your target device from potential theft. Having installed Spyhuman app, you are always aware of the location of the target device.
  • Application tracker. SpyHuman allows you to monitor all the applications downloaded and running on the target device. This feature includes a possibility to look through a list of installed apps, also time and date reports of their usage.

How Much Is SpyHuman?

With its numerous monitoring features, this spy app offers users different subscription plans. SpyHuman Android tracker makes it easy for prospective users to get a feel of what it has to offer with its trial plan. It also offers a paid subscription with more features. Take a look at both plans and their features below:

SpyHuman Trial Plan


Free for seven days

Available Features

The trial plan comes with features like tracking call and SMS logs, GPS location, monitoring contact details, call recording, browser history, and website blocking. It also allows monitoring social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp messages.

Other features in this package include monitoring and controlling file manager, live recording, blocking apps and calls, and remote image capturing. However, not everything is free as the plan comes with storage for only 7 days and requires weekly login. The trial plan also comes with ads that may annoy you while you’re monitoring someone.

SpyHuman Premium Plan



The Premium plan offers all the features in the trial plan with some extra features. Premium users only have to renew login monthly, and there is no data storage limit too. SpyHuman Premium customers will also enjoy using the app without ads.

SpyHuman costs are valid for only one device. If you want to monitor more than one device, you’ll need to subscribe to a plan per device.

How do I install SpyHuman?

In order to install SpyHuman application, you need to go through several steps:

Step 1. Pre-Installation and adjusting settings
Initially, you need to enter Settings, then choose an item Security and turn on Unknown sources.

Step 2. Google Setting
Enter Google Settings, choose Security item, turn off “Scan device for security threads” and “Improve harmful app detection” option.

Step 3. Installation

This process is also divided into several steps:

  • The first you need to create an account and go through the verification process.
  • Login and download the application.
  • Select Purpose & Provide Permission.

After successful installation, you need to configure Spyhuman app and choose all the needed permissions. It’s very important to tap “Do not show again” if you want to hide the app.

Step 4. Enter login details
Now, you have access to the application. Enter the Device name, email, and password. Enable Stealth mode option. Here we are!

Customer Service and Support

SpyHuman has a good customer support team. Unfortunately, they don’t offer instant customer service. You can contact the support team via emails provided on their website. To make things easier for users, SpyHuman has separate emails for different issues. Here’s a list of their customer support emails and the problems they address:

The customer support team typically responds within hours of sending emails.

SpyHuman Customer Reviews on Trustpilot

To provide you with a detailed review, we went to get some actual feedback from customers on the performance and use of the SpyHuman app. Although the app had not gotten several reviews yet, it had a rating of 3.7 stars out of a possible 5 stars from 32 reviews. They found it very useful, with 79% of its customers rating SpyHuman from average to excellent. The majority of reviewers had positive statements to make about the app’s speed and the complete control it afforded them over a target phone.

It’s legal to apply SpyHuman app if you have decided to monitor your underaged child. Also, you need to provide the person you are going to track with all the necessary information regarding the Privacy Policy. When using SpyHuman app, you carry responsibility according to the law of your country. If you have some doubts, you need to get a consultation in your local attorney. Installing SpyHuman application, you need to agree to apply the app in a lawful manner. Monitoring private messages and listening to private conversations without an agreement of the target person is considered to be illegal.

3 Best SpyHuman Alternatives

If you have any problems using SpyHuman, there are several other fantastic alternative monitoring apps you can check out. Here are 3 top alternative spy apps offering identical features with SpyHuman:


An excellent mobile spy app XNSPY, offers top tracking features. This easy to use software works by discretely collecting information from the target device and displaying them on your Control Panel. XNSPY enables its customers to track GPS locations, monitor messages on social media, call logs, and browser history. The app is not only compatible with Android devices, but it works on iOS devices as well.

Highster Mobile

One of the highly-rated tracking apps, Highster Mobile, provides monitoring features very similar to what you get with SpyHuman. With its stealth spying feature, this app allows you to keep an eye on all someone else’s phone activities. Some of its advanced features include blocking calls and texts, monitoring apps, social media, etc.


FlexiSPY is not very different from the other apps on this list. It offers identical features and works with iOS and Android devices. The app is easy to use, offers excellent customer service, and it’s relatively affordable. One part of FlexiSPY that makes it very similar to SpyHuman is its free trial period. It provides a free 24-hour trial period for all customers to enjoy its features.

Truth.Best Team Recommendations

Truth.Best team recommends installing SpyHuman app if you want to monitor and track a target device because of a wide range of benefits provided by its manufacturer. One of the main advantages of this app is easy-to-use Control Panel. Unlike other monitoring apps, SpyHuman app enables receiving all the logs through user-friendly online panel. It opens you a wide range of possibilities, including sending multiple commands, controlling features and looking through data. SpyHuman offers you several setting options. You can set up it on the laptop or PC. SpyHuman’s control panel lures with its superior design making it one of the best one among other parental control applications.

Quality vs. cost
User-friendly interface
Customer care team
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