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As a parent, guardian, or employer, you have to ensure that the people in your care aren’t doing the wrong things. Parents and guardians need to protect their children from online harm like sexting or cyberbullying. At the same time, employers have to monitor their employees’ activities to prevent leaking confidential information. And one of the best ways to observe other people’s actions is by spying on them. When we say “spying,” we don’t mean hiring a private investigator to tail the individuals in your care. With modern tech, there are faster and more convenient ways to spy on someone else, like using a spy app. Spy apps are simple monitoring tools that help people track the activities of others by spying on their mobile devices. Most of these apps allow people to monitor others discretely and remotely. If you’re looking for a spy app to use, PhoneSpector is one to consider. This monitoring app offers users all the services a typical mobile tracking app should have and some extra. Below, we have put together a detailed PhoneSpector review telling you everything about this app. Learn more about its features, prices, read customer reviews and see if it is really worth your money.

How Does PhoneSpector Work?

This monitoring tool tracks the activities on individuals’ Android or iPhone smartphones. PhoneSpector works by collecting all the information from the target device and reporting it to your personal account. Spying with this app is easy as all the information obtained from monitoring shows on your PhoneSpector dashboard. It works in stealth mode, meaning the target won’t know that they are being monitored. The app comes in very handy for company owners who want to make sure their workers aren’t abusing the privileges of the phone. PhoneSpector gives users the chance to see practically everything on the target device without even having it physically. All the user needs to do is download the app on the target phone. Once there is an online connection, monitoring is possible.

What Features Does PhoneSpector Have?

PhoneSpector offers several fantastic monitoring features, including:

Call Monitoring

When it comes to call monitoring, this app goes the extra mile. It allows users to record all calls made and received on the target device. The call records will contain the duration, time, and date of the incoming and outgoing calls. The app user can also record and listen to the calls as they go on.

View Contact List

With PhoneSpector, customers can see all the contacts saved on the target phone. People can find out who exactly their loved ones have been in contact with, and how frequent. This feature is also essential for parents and employers.

GPS Location Tracking

This spy app has an advanced GPS location monitoring system that can provide you with the actual location of your target person. The GPS coordinates provided by this app are usually accurate up to within 50 feet of the target. However, users get updated with the target location every 10 minutes, not instantly. So, if real-time location monitoring is what you want, this app may not be best for you.

SMS and iMessage Monitoring

No good spy app is complete without offering this feature. PhoneSpector gives its users the ability to view all the incoming and outgoing messages on the target device. Much more than just texts, the app also allows you to view the recipient or sender of the message, the date and time it was sent and received. One extra feature is that PhoneSpector enables users to see texts even after deletion from the target device. More so, you can recover old messages too.

Monitoring Social Media

One of the primary means of communication for many people today is using social media. Social media platforms offer people a way to interact outside the conventional methods. And PhoneSpector gives users a simple way to monitor and track all the information from the target’s social media platforms. With this app, monitoring platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and so much more are accessible. However, users looking to track Viber messages and activities should look elsewhere as the app cannot.


A very recent update on this monitoring app has added the Keylogging feature for users to enjoy. With this feature, users can know everything typed on the target device. It makes getting details like usernames, passwords, trick answers, and so on, easier to get.

View Media Files

Another excellent feature this app offers is the ability to view all media files saved on the target device. Whether it’s a photo, video, or GIF file, you’ll have access to all the multimedia on the target’s phone. The app also goes further by giving its users the ability to view deleted files and recover old media files from the target device.

Monitor Browser History

Get all the information on the websites your target visits, including when they visit the website. This monitoring app will give you direct links on your dashboard and also show you all other bookmarks.

View All Installed Applications

With PhoneSpector, users can know all the applications installed and running on the other person’s phone. It provides a list of all installed apps, including their functions and uses. The spy app also allows its users to block unwanted apps on their target’s phones. This feature is very beneficial for parents worried about their children’s interactions.

Interface and Usability  

PhoneSpector has a simple-to-use interface. It’s easy to navigate, with its user dashboard clearly displaying all needed information. The app works on different devices, whether iOS or Android devices. All the user needs is to download it and install it, depending on the type of device. It’s easy-to-use, with no need for any technical knowledge.

PhoneSpector Price

An advantage PhoneSpector has over several other spy apps out there is its price. The app doesn’t require monthly payments. One of the selling points of PhoneSpector is that it requires only a one-time fee, with no hidden or extra charges. Regardless of the type of device you want to spy on, the payment is made only once. However, the prices of subscriptions vary for different plans. Here’s a breakdown of what PhoneSpector costs:

  •   Basic Version – $29.99
  •   Pro Version – $69.99

The Pro Version is more expensive as it offers more functions and features to users. This type of pricing makes it convenient for people that would somewhat not be burdened by monthly payments. However, its one-time hefty fee may scare people off using its services.

How to Install PhoneSpector?

Installing this app is a quick, simple process. There are different installation processes for other devices. A good thing about the app is that it doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking before installation on Android phones or iPhones.

Android Installation Process

For an Android phone, users need to install using the following steps:

Step 1. Visit the site and create an account. You’ll receive a download link and a license key via email.

Step 2. Send the download link to the target device (texting is a great way to do this) and download it.

Step 3. Activate the downloaded app with the license key sent to you earlier. After that, sign in to your dashboard and start monitoring.

The process usually takes a few minutes. However, some customers have complained that it takes a much longer time.

iPhone Installation Process

For iPhone users, the process is different. The installation process doesn’t involve any downloading. Just follow these steps:

Step 1. Visit the site and create an account.

Step 2. Get the Apple ID and password of the person you want to monitor, and enter them into your dashboard.

Step 3. Start monitoring. The process for iPhones is more straightforward than that of Android phones. The user doesn’t need physical access to the iPhone before spying on it.

PhoneSpector Customer Reviews on Trustpilot

Trustpilot XNSPY reviewsTo provide our readers with a comprehensive report on this spy app, we went on Trustpilot to get some actual PhoneSpector reviews by consumers. The app has 94 reviews, with 52% of its users giving it a bad rating. 29% of its users rated it between average and poor, while a measly 13% gave it an excellent rating. Most of the app’s customers cited poor customer service and a lack of refunds as the problems they experienced with PhoneSpector. Many also mentioned the inability of the app’s features to function correctly as part of their experiences too. With hardly a good customer rating, it’s evident that the app still has a lot to work on before being accepted among the best in the market.

PhoneSpector FAQ

Is PhoneSpector Legit?

Yes, this app is legit. However, the target has to be aware of the monitoring, or the tracked device should belong to the user.

Does PhoneSpector Really Work?

Yes, PhoneSpector works. But judging from the numerous low ratings from customers, it’s not the best spy app out there.

Is There an App to Detect PhoneSpector?

No. This spy app can work on the target phone without being detected.

Is There a PhoneSpector Crack Version?

No, there is no crack version for this app. Also, there is no PhoneSpector free version. Users have to pay for a subscription plan before they can use the app.

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