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  1. Texting and Cheating
  2. Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating
  3. Apps to Look at Other People's Text Messages
  4. Criteria to Select Your Preferred Text Spy App
  5. Read Text Messages on Another Phone Using mSpy
  6. Conclusion
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As I sat on my bed and watched my husband type away at his phone, paying me no attention, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Who is my husband always texting?” I know I should trust him, but something about his behavior lately has been off. 

Trust is an integral part of every relationship; however, there are some instances when trust can get shaky. Several people in relationships have experienced situations when they get a bit curious about what their partners are doing. We are always interested in the new friends or hobbies of our significant other; it’s normal. But, have you ever had to wonder who your partner is texting every time?

Maybe your partner has started acting strange lately or has recently become protective over their mobile device? Is your partner beginning to spend more time on their phone than talking with you? Could they be cheating on you? Suspecting that you have an unfaithful partner can be a nightmare, especially if you’re in a serious relationship.

If you’re asking yourself these questions, I know exactly how you feel! I had suspicions that my husband was cheating, and I asked myself these same questions. But, before making any accusations, it’s best to know how to discover who your partner is texting and confirm your suspicions. There’s nothing more disappointing to a faithful partner than being accused of infidelity. For this reason, I looked for ways to verify my husband was cheating and how to read his SMS. And in this guide, I’ll share those ways with you.

Below, I’ve put together everything you should know about signs to tell you that your partner is cheating, how to read someone’s phone messages, and so much more.


Texting and Cheating

One thing nobody in a long-term relationship wants to face is discovering that their partner is cheating. Although infidelity has always been associated with relationships, advancing technology levels have made cheating easier. With social media networks, instant messengers, and several text messaging apps, there’s a variety of ways people can cheat on their spouses. 

Texting has made cheating easier. Several unfaithful partners carry on their illicit affairs right under their spouses’ noses through texting and chatting. Unfortunately, messaging apps’ privacy makes it hard to confirm when your spouse is cheating via texts. So how did I confirm my suspicions?

Once I started suspecting my husband of infidelity, I went online and read articles about cheating. Most cheaters exhibit some telltale signs, which indicate that someone else may be taking up their attention. Let’s talk about some of these signs.

Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating

  1. Has your spouse become secretive about who they’re talking or chatting with all of a sudden?
  2. Does your partner never leave their mobile devices alone or unlocked around you? 
  3. Is your husband starting to spend more and more time on their phone?
  4. Does your partner talk to you less frequently than they used to before? 

These could be signs of cheating, but it’s hard to conclude from just the answers to these questions. My husband had started using his phone more frequently at home, and I had no idea what he was doing. When I searched on “How to know who my partner is texting,” several articles were suggesting different ways to peek into someone else’s mobile activities. 

Many suggested that I should go through his phone and forward his text messages to my phone. They offered several ways to receive someone else’s SMS without them knowing. However, in my case, this method didn’t work as there was nothing on my husband’s phone. Maybe he had deleted the messages from his phone, but there was nothing to show that he was cheating on me. So I had to look for other ways to read my husband’s messages.

After reading more, I discovered a simple and effective way to access text messages on someone else’s phone. The articles I found were about cell phone monitoring apps, also called spy apps. These spy apps offered a way to read, spy on, and even forward other people’s text messages without their knowledge.

Apps to Look at Other People’s Text Messages

text spy apps

There are several apps that let you see other people’s text messages. Thanks to modern advancements, these applications offer different monitoring tools that give you complete access to the other person’s mobile devices activities. With just a few steps, spy apps can collect data from your partner’s smartphone and relay the information to you. Some of these apps allow you to spy on the other person without installing the app on the target phone. I was very excited when I came across this information. Maybe a spy app was exactly what I needed to confirm if my husband was a cheat or not finally. 

Therefore, I decided to try one of these apps out to see if they genuinely worked. Although there were several excellent options like mSpy, iKeyMonitor, XNSPY, Cocospy, Hoverwatch, Mobipast etc., I was left a bit confused. How do I know the best spy app to use? Most of these apps offered similar features, or they claimed to provide great features. On www.paulburston.com you may find perfect reviews of popular spy apps which allow you to read someone’s text messages: Highster Mobile App Review, Auto-Forward Spy ReviewFlexispy Review, Copy 9 Review.

Choosing the best one was a difficult task, so I came up with criteria for selecting the best cell phone monitoring app.

Criteria to Select Your Preferred Text Spy App


The first thing I checked was the app’s features. I looked for a spy app that could allow me to access someone’s phone and read SMS without the person knowing. If the app doesn’t offer the exact feature you need, it’s not your best option. Since most of the apps provided this feature, I had to use more relevant factors to narrow my search.

Ease of Use

The next thing I checked was the app’s ease of use. How difficult was it to use this app? Did the monitoring software require technical knowledge to install? Was the app’s user interface friendly? Can I use the app without any further assistance from anyone? I’m a simple person without real technical skills, so having an app that was easy to use was of utmost importance. Also, I check the device compatibility of each app. Some spy apps claim to allow you to read someone’s text message without installing software on their phone, but this is mostly impossible for Android devices.

Customer Support

One important factor I considered when choosing was the level of customer service the app offered. Many cell phone monitoring apps had good customer service, but only a few offered instant customer support. 


Several spy apps in the market came at a cost to use. Some of them had high prices, while some others were relatively affordable. I also found a few spy apps that offered free services, for example, the SpyHuman app.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed by this app as it ended up wasting my time. The spyware offered a free version that only lasted for seven days, but this trial version was also void of several essential features. After signing up for this spyware, I still couldn’t receive text messages from other phones as the feature wasn’t available for free. Spying on messengers was also not featured in the app’s free version. 

Read Text Messages on Another Phone Using mSpy

After that disappointment, I decided to try one of the most popular apps, mSpy. mSpy is a mobile tracking app created to provide users with all the information on your target device. The app is simple to use, with a friendly interface that I found relatively easy to navigate. It doesn’t just allow users to hack someone’s phone messages; it also allows its users to track call logs, pictures, videos, documents, etc. 

The app works across several devices, including iOS and Android devices. I found this very useful as my husband has an Android phone, and mSpy would work perfectly on it. So I downloaded the app and installed it on my husband’s phone. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to install the app.

How to Install the mSpy App on an Android Phone?

To install mSpy on my spouse’s Android device, I followed these straightforward steps:

Step 1. Visit the Site and Select a Plan

Visit the mSpy app site and create an account or try demo. After creating the account, there are two subscription plan options to choose from for spying. Each plan comes with different features and prices. Check for the plan with the features you need, select it, and make payment. 

Immediately I completed the payment; I received my registration number, account ID, my dashboard login details, and a link to download the app via email. 

Step 2. Download mSpy

I needed physical access to my husband’s phone for this step, just for a few minutes, though. I had to change the settings to allow installation from unknown sources. Then I downloaded the app on the target phone.

Step 3. Install the mSpy App

As soon as I downloaded the app, the next step was installing it. mSpy’s installation was as quick, easy, and smooth as the previous processes. The software offered me the option of selecting if I wanted stealth spying or not. Of course, I went for the stealth option. 

Step 4. Register mSpy

Once installation was complete, I typed in my registration number and clicked “Complete Registration.” And that’s all it took to install the app on my partner’s smartphone. 

After these steps, I gained full remote access to my husband’s phone regardless of my location.


Features of mSpy

Finally, I had access to my husband’s phone and could monitor his texts. mSpy gave me complete control over everything I wanted to monitor on his device. Here are some things the app allowed me to do:

Read Text Messagesmspy text messages demo

This monitoring software enabled me to read all the SMS on my husband’s phone. It recorded all the texts my husband sent and displayed them to me on my dashboard. With mSpy, I could also intercept text messages from another phone and read them easily. 

Monitor Social Media Chats

Besides monitoring the text message app, mSpy allowed me to spy on all the social media activities on my target device. The app allowed me to see all my partner’s activities on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. It even let me see the private messages sent and received on all the media too. 

It has a unique Snapchat feature that allows users to see all posted “snaps” even if they got deleted. Also, Snapchat has an auto-delete feature that wipes messages after a while, but mSpy allows users to see even deleted messages. This was how I found out that my husband had been cheating on me using Snapchat.

Monitor Call Logs

The app also enables its users to monitor all the calls made and received on the target device. It has an extra feature that gives users the ability to record phone calls made on the other person’s phone remotely. This feature allowed me to know whenever my husband talked with the other lady. mSpy also gives you the phone number for all incoming or outgoing calls made on the device.

Track Location

For users interested in where their spouses go, this app can help too. It has an excellent GPS location tracking feature to help users keep a close eye on someone else’s movements. I didn’t need this feature as I had already discovered everything from my husband’s Snapchat.

The app offered several other features, including monitoring browsing history and email tracking, blocking numbers, and app blocking. It also has a keylogging feature that allows users to see everything typed on the target device.


Although I was devastated when I found out that my husband was cheating on me using Snapchat, I could move forward from that and put all my suspicions to rest. mSpy gave me the best way to read text messages on another phone and even check text message history. So that’s how I found the app to read other people’s SMS. If you’re worried about who your partner is always texting, give mSpy a try. It’s totally worth your salt!